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Really quick, I want to add a caveat to this before I begin....

This is not intended for general Muslims.  I know that your average everyday Muslim is a peaceful, live and let live kind of person who is not advocating the violent overthrow of the government or killing people who worship different from him.  This is intended for the lunatic fringe.

It seems some Muslim extremists are warning Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the geniuses behind South Park, that they could be killed for depicting the prophet Mohammad in a bear costume in last night's 200th episode.

I just want to warn the extremists of the dark forces they are playing with.

First of all, this isn't Salman Rushdie, who turned his victimhood into a cottage industry.  Provoking Parker and Stone will only make them pick on you more.  I know their mentality very well, and I can guarantee you this -- they already have something, some video satire, just sitting in a vault.  If they are killed by extremists, this will be released on the world because you can't kill them again.  And if you think you're offended now, you just wait.

Second, kill them, and they will be the least of your worries.  Anonymous, our old friend on the Internet, enjoys dicking with people who think they are a law unto themselves.  You will turn Parker and Stone into martyrs, and not only will Anonymous come up with stuff that makes South Park look like Romper Room, you'll never find them, and they'll delight in crashing your networks and hacking your systems.  Just ask the Church Of Scientology.  Christians in America will go nuts, making Parker and Stone a symbol of your religious intolerance and use them to justify their own intolerance.

There are a lot of people who want to attack you and all they need is an excuse.  If your threat is more than a threat...this is going to end in disaster, and you'll have no one to blame but yourselves.
Tags: important life lessons, religion
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