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Gone In 60 Minutes

There are some days I feel there is entirely too much law.

Paul Hutton, 40, lives in Jaywick, from Clacton-On-Sea in Essex, England. He was in the RAF as an aeronautical engineer. Bright guy, although he makes mistakes. He was picked up for drunk driving and given a 12 month conditional charge by magistrates.

Ten years ago, Hutton found an abandoned Barbie toy car. Yes, one of those little toy cars in trademarked pink (no kidding, "Barbie pink" is actually trademarked). It is about two feet by four feet in size, runs on a 12v battery, max speed of 4MPH, and is intended for girls 3 to 5 years old. He's tinkered with it off and on since then. He has a son, 17, doing a car mechanics course. Eight months ago, they decided to get to work and mod the Barbie car. They changed the body color to white, bigger tires, and (presumably) reinforced the structure to support an adult. Still only maxes out at 4MPH, and to ride in it, Hutton has to tuck up until his knees touch his chin. I have some people to introduce this guy to. They're called "Shriners".

Anyway, on March 28 at about 900PM, Hutton was faced and decided to show off his modified Barbie car to a friend who lives 500 yards away from him. What do you know, the cops are always around at the worst possible time. They saw him trundling along down Brooklands Road (for those unfamiliar, the road was named after a famous British motor racing circuit). The police ordered him to pull over. Hutton...tried to make a run for it. The police had no trouble pulling keeping up with him (hell, they probably could have done a brisk walk and passed him). Riding alongside, the officer asked Hutton if he was okay. Hutton burbled some kind of response. The police had a debate about whether what Hutton was doing was illegal and, if so, what laws were being broken. They finally decided to pinch him on drunk driving and hauled him to the cop shop. He had a blood alcohol over twice the legal limit. Hutton admitted in court that he acted like a "complete twit". The judge admitted he'd never seen a case like this before, but banned him from driving for three years anyway.

Something tells me he wasn't drinking enough. I don't think he'll want to look back and remember this.

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