Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

I'm Almost Ready To Already Declare This The Worst Wizard World Ever

I take a quick look at Wizard's site to see what has changed about the ChicagoCon.  At the top is an ad for WWPhiladelphia, happening in June.  Among the guests?

The Bruce.

Bruce Campbell, The Man Himself, is going to be at Philly.  No mention of Chicago.

If Bruce comes to Chicago, I will so totally geek out.  Hell, I be ready to give him copies of all my comics, even one of those copies of Morbid Myths that I have never parted with.  Just to spend a few moments in the presence of pure awesome.

So, I'm swearing about that, and holding out a sliver of hope.  What else?

Chicago is going to have a contingent of people from the TV show Smallville there.  Among them is Laura Vandervoort, who plays Supergirl.  You know, Helen Slater has a supporting role on Smallville, and she's been doing the convention circuit this year.  She also wrote a Supergirl story that appeared in issue #50 a couple of months ago (I know, it was probably script doctored within an inch of its life), but given her connections to Smallville, the fact that she played Supergirl, and having the current Supergirl actress there, I'm holding out hope that maybe she'll turn up in Chicago and I can get my DVD's signed.

I can't believe how skimpy the guest list is so far.  Usually, around March, the list of comic pros, celebrities, and has-beens is huge.  So far, there's only one washed up wrestler listed on the page for Chicago.  Usually, they have a dozen or more by now.  And it's not even Jerry "The King" Lawler, who draws comic books and has a far more legit reason to be at the con.

Instead, Michael Golden is going to be there as a special guest (I note they finally replaced the Power Girl image they attributed to Marvel with a Wonder Woman image without the Marvel branding).  Yippee.

Fan magnets.  They are wonderful things.  Deploy them carefully.
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