Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Shooting Stars

Last night, the Swim Buddies got together for Rock Band.  I hadn't even picked up my drum sticks in a couple of weeks, due to prepping for C2E2 and just getting stuff caught up.

That was a mistake.

Played for about five hours last night, and my right arm is aching.  Aspirin is a miracle drug, and how!  Not taking that much time off again, even if I'm just doing paradiddles for a while during the week.

mornblade  had commented at our last session that a microphone stand would be fun.  I remembered I still had a boom mike stand from when I shot the Firewater! movie, so I pulled it out.  Works great, I tested it by doing some bad stand-up ("My mom's a horrible cook.  Our china pattern was a skull and crossbones.  We were the only family that said our prayers AFTER we ate").

Mornblade had an additional surprise.  He brought over a camera.  He likes to record his karaoke adventures, and wanted some of us jamming out to put on YouTube.  Considering there are no public access channels out here for us to appear on, this will have to do.  I had hoped to wire in a VCR to get the best image and sound, but it just wasn't working.  So he set up and started shooting.

His voice came through loud and clear, as well as some of our commentary.  One song was "Last Train To Clarksville."  Rock Band sometimes shows little bits of trivia about the songs or performers while it is loading the game data.  For that bit, it pointed out the Jimi Hendrix once opened for the Monkees and nearly got booed off the stage.  Mornblade's recording captured my unrepentant laughter.  Don't get me wrong, I love the Monkees.  I had their albums and watched their shows.  But Jimi Hendrix being booed by their fans?!?  What funhouse mirror universe did this take place in?!?

So Mornblade got images of our avatars jamming out.  The vocalist in the virtual band is loosely modeled on Rhapsody from Sound Waves, something he had to explain, presumably so people wouldn't think he's weird for a female avatar with his singing voice.  The footage is interesting because, when you sing in Rock Band, there are points where you are supposed to hit the mike like a tamborine.  During those bits, Rhapsody will suddenly be holding a tamborine or a cowbell or some other hand percussion instrument.  Watching the footage, I still can't see where she produces them from.  Rhapsody is a manga character, so maybe, instead of hammerspace, she had musical instrument space instead.

And Mornblade does seem open to the idea of starting a wizard rock band with me.  Oh, this should be a gas....
Tags: art, just play music, video games
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