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I Am Woman, Here My Series Get Cancelled

A while ago, I wrote how Spider-Girl's series was being revived and how this was a good thing from the standpoint of female characters who were characters and not just fap material like Power Girl (issue #9 of the Power Girl series has her nude chasing a boy and playing peek-a-boob with groceries.  Once again, men don't get those kinds of situations).

Well, that didn't take long.

Marvel has changed its mind.  The Spider-Girl series has become a mini-series.  Four issues.  If the sales figures don't hit a certain mark, the series is gone at that point.  Something tells me the writing is on the wall -- the Spider-Girl stories that were done digitally are gone now.

And this is why I don't like trying new series.

Publishers have turned comics into a series of events to follow, not characters to get involved in.  That is, when the stories aren't being done apparently just to tweak longtime fans who don't like a current editorial direction (yes, I'm looking at One Moment In Time).

I'm not like your general comic fans.  I don't feel I am entitled to things just because I'm a fan.  The characters are not mine, and I have no control over anything.  But I'm still smarting from "Flash: Rebirth," which made Barry Allen the Scarlet Speedster again.  I loved Barry, don't get me wrong.  But when Mark Waid wrote his great stories for Wally West, Wally became my Flash.  And the relative ease with which they are pushing him aside just to put Barry back in the suit doesn't sit well with me.  He was the first kid sidekick to fulfill the promise and become the hero.  And he forever respected the legacy he upheld.

Pht.  Put Barry back in there any way you can.  And with the dopiest twist to the Speed Force mythos, as well.

Admittedly, there is always the risk of the creative teams messing up the characters.  I loved Peter David's run on X-Factor and thought Scott Lobdell blew it.  But there's a difference between those halcyon days and now.  Back then, those changes seemed to come from the creative teams.  They thought they had a good idea or a new direction for the series and ran with it.  It was done because they thought it was a good idea.  Now, you have books being controlled by the editor, basically assembling teams to make the books the editor would make if he was the writer, artist, colorist, etc.  There seems to be less sense to things now, and if a switch doesn't make sense but will sell more books, put it in motion.  They seem to revise Superman's origin every few years just to keep the dramatic plots coming.

I'm not even going to bother with the Spider-Girl mini.  Marvel clearly wants it gone, and they will not stop until it is.  Why should I get wrapped up in a series that might never be able to get involving because it will be gone tomorrow?  I quit watching network TV shows because of this.  I may have to quit reading some comic for the same reason.

Give me a reason to care.  Don't act like you are doing me some great favor in tossing me a few crumbs of good storytelling.
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