Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Here's One Scientific Report That You Can Prove Is Full Of Shit

While everyone is debating global warming climate change and whether or not it is happening, scientists have found something that may help combat it if it's real.

You know the expression, "deeper than whale shit?"  Well, it seems that researchers in Australia found that whale shit actually helps the ocean absorb more carbon dioxide.  The iron rich material is loved by undersea plants who gulp CO2 and turn it into oxygen for us.  According to scientist Steve Nicol, whale shit is 10 million times richer in iron than equivalent sea water (and probably other stuff we really don't want to get into right now).

According to Nicol, the inspiration to research this idea came about during a pub chat among Antarctic scientists in Australia's island state of Tasmania.  Must not have been a sports bar.

I don't really care about the details.  I just want to know who gave them the research grant and how do I submit a request.
Tags: news, wtf
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