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Beware! Thar Be SPOILERS Ahead!

If this is a hoax or a put on, then it's a damn convincing one.  I don't know if it's a good one, given my personal bias, but it's damn convincing.

Okay, remember the ending of Iron Man?  Not the ending of the narrative, I mean the "stinger", the little bit that runs after the end credits?  By now, everyone knows that it is Nick Fury, played by the only man who can do the role right, Sam Jackson.  Now, I had heard about Jackson before I saw the movie and was specifically watching out for it.  The stinger was actually cut from the preview screenings in order to maximize the chatter among the fans.  Worked perfect.

Well, word is shooting around of a new stinger for Iron Man 2.  Someone with a cell phone camera claims to have recorded the stinger.  I at least question the circumstances, given that the screen seems more hi-def TV than movie screen, and he's clearly talking to a friend of his as he goes.  But given what's on the screen, it sure "feels" right.

Ya wanna know what it might be?  Click here.

The stinger starts with a "men in black" car driving through the desert.  It pulls to a stop in front of the camera, and we see the license plate identify itself as New Mexico.  A man in black type gets out, looking ahead of him.  Reverse angle, over the shoulder, we see a huge crater in the ground with industrial trucks moving around it.  The agent takes off his glasses, pulls out a cell phone, and turns from the site towards us saying, "We found it."  We cut to inside the crater, where we see what is apparently Mjiolnir Mijolnir Thor's hammer sticking out of the ground.

Hell, no, I don't feel guilty.  I'm going to be seeing the movie opening day anyway, not just to see the stinger.  Give me a break.
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