Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Ship Of Fools

Jesus Christ, not again.

And I say that without irony.

As you are aware, I am a Christian.  As such, I am uniquely qualified to point out the current problem with Christianity -- it is more interested in self-validation than teaching spiritual enlightenment.  People are bound and determined to find archaeological proof that the Bible and their religious figures are historical and not mythological.  After all, we now know that the pyramids in Egypt were built by skilled laborers, not enslaved Hebrews, so finding something to prop up the historical record takes on an almost desperate air.

We already have world class snow job James Cameron claiming to have found Jesus' tomb.  And we've had people claiming to have found Noah's Ark in Mt. Ararat (let's just ignore the fact that the Bible actually says the ark landed in the mountains of Ararat, a country whose location is not revealed, not Mt. Ararat).  A Hong Kong filmmaker claims he has filmed remains of Noah's Ark, because wood fragments carbon dating establishes they are old enough to be the Ark.

Where do I start?  When exactly did Noah's Ark happen?  There are no clear dates established for when the ark was built, so what makes him so sure the carbon dating reflects the correct era?  Is he sure it's not some strange coincidence?  Remember, fossil records of fish have been found in the deserts.  This "evidence" wouldn't even pass muster on Ghost Hunters, and the news media is going nuts at this "find".  I'm overlooking how unlikely it is that God actually flooded the Earth (seeing as how there are no fossil records indicating such a disruption took place anywhere localized, let alone the entire world).

Here's the problem with this -- WHAT WILL THIS PROVE?!?  You still have people twisting Scripture to suit their ends.  You still have people more interested in social status than attending the spiritual needs of their flock.  You still have people who try to use "the One True Religion" as a bludgeon to force their way on others.  You still have authority figures hushing up scandals and sexual assaults, extending a forgiveness to their own that they would never dream of extending to ordinary people.  Christianity is not be rejected because of a lack of historical record, it's being rejected because the people running the show are a bunch of assholes.  If it truly is Noah's Ark, it is only going to serve the egos, self-righteousness, and smugness of Christians.  This is about going, "SEE?  I TOLD YOU SO!", it has nothing to do with the search for truth and understanding.
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