Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

The Price Is WRONG, Bitch!

My little area of Illinois is having a celebration for the first weekend in May.  So there's flea markets and such going on.  My brother (by bond if not by choice) mornblade was checking them out.  He calls me to tell me he found someone selling an acoustic drum kit.  $350 out the door.

Interesting, I said.

"Well, I thought so, too.  But I've never heard of the brand."

What is it?

"First Act."

First Act's stuff is only good if you are just experimenting and finding out if you want to get serious.  I bought one of their electronic drum kits for $10.  It lists for $100.  There's no way I would have paid more than $10 for it, given how shoddy it is.  I just got it to screw with, and it's fine for that.  We then started talking about other stuff.

I'm out and about, getting more blank pages for drawing my comics, stopping by the comic shop, and getting some ginger tea.  I see a Target, where I know they carry First Act products.  Curiosity gets the better of me.  I go in and hunt for the musical instrument section.  Sure enough, there's a First Act acoustic drum kit, new in box and ready for assembly.

No price on the rack.  I heft the thing over to a scanner.


Someone at the flea market had given up the drums and was looking to play someone like a fiddle instead....

Tags: just play music, wtf
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