Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

One Down, Six To Go

I was watching the news very closely. Yesterday started six weeks in a row of primary elections across the US. Indiana, North Carolina, and Ohio held theirs yesterday.

So I'm waving my hands in front of my crystal ball, waiting for an image to emerge. Longtime friends and readers know I love to prognasticate about politics. I knew the results would be interesting to sift through, but I refused to take it any further than that. See, there's a difference between revolutions and anarchies. Revolutions are focused and organized.

Obama has made it clear during the health care reform vote that voter anger isn't a priority with him. The results of the Illinois primary showed why -- every establishment candidate won. The legacy of William Randolph Hearst ("You provide the pictures, I'll provide the war") is alive and well. The media that helped get Obama elected has portrayed Tea Parties as full of violent confrontation (some wingnuts in New York are trying to say the SUV Bomber from this weekend was a Tea Party member) and racism. For example, there was one in New Lenox back in March that I swung by. Nothing was further for the truth. It was very civil and all-inclusive, but the news spun it. Tea Partiers are depicted as dangerous white radicals, which limits their numbers -- people are very self-conscious about who they identify with. For all the determination of Tea Parties in my state, they wound up splitting the vote behind the R's, giving us an R candidate for governor who opposes abortion and wants Creationism taught as fact in schools. Meanwhile, the D's that were supposed to win did.

So, Obama knows what has been proven -- the Tea Parties right now are too scattershot to really be effective. He already knows the chances of the courts upholding states' rights for nullifying ObamaCare are not good. Looking at the Supreme Court rulings over the past fifty years, there is a definite shift in how they view the 10th Amendment. Whether it could be argued if they are trying to interpret the Founding Fathers' wishes or applying their own ideas has no place in this. The fact is the rulings are showing a definite edging away from states' rights, so expecting the Supremes to nullify ObamaCare is a very foolish gamble (“forced commerce” is another avenue, but I can only see that nullifying only select parts of ObamaCare, not completely striking it). And as far as voting people out of Congress? Why listen to voter complaints, the voters are angry and they still aren't able to vote us out.

Well, not yet.

Massachusetts has shown what happens when a bunch of disparate voters get funneled into one stream. So I'm not going to watch the primaries very closely. They are not going to be the wake-up call to Congress. That will hopefully be the actual elections. The depressing thing is, in order to defeat a bad bill, we Libertarians have to become a subsidiary of another party we can’t stand, the R’s. How ironic, choice is actually the biggest enemy.

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