Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

"Saint Mel?" Really?

It didn't take long for Mel Gibson to go from "cool guy" to "douchebag" in my eyes.  First, there was his drunken altercation with the cops and his insistence that he doesn't really think the things he says (making him the only person I'm aware of who gets less forthright and truthful when they are drunk).  Then, there was dumping his wife (an Episcopalian that Gibson has openly stated will be going to Hell because she isn't Catholic) for a Russian actress he was having an affair with and knocked up.  Things like that happen in Hollywood, but when you consider it is "St. Mel", who everyone is treating as a deity because he made what basically amounts to a snuff film, I'm amazed when people hold him up as a model of a great Christian when his behavior is anything but (well, okay...there was Solomon.  Solomon built the temple, but built his attached palace so that it was bigger than the temple, and part of the reason was to hold his thousand wives (notice, plural) and mistresses.  I quote Mel Brooks -- "It's good to be the king!").

Was Russian actress Whatshername with Gibson just to social climb?  After all, he was already working on gigs for her and helping her record an album.  He even got his dad, a high ranker in the splinter Catholic group he belongs to, to nullify his marriage to his wife of thirty years claiming she tricked him.  Then, Whatshername and Gibson broke up.  I was wondering why, and continued to think Gibson was a slimeball because now he's trying to make nice with his wife and reconcile.

So, what caused the break-up?

Maybe this....

Violet Kowal is a porn filmmaker from my ancestral home of Poland (I'm guessing Gibson has "meet Russian ladies" bookmarked on his computer).  I'll pause for a moment while you Google her.  She claims that she and Gibson had a three-month affair while he was trying to spin his affair with Whatshername with the same success Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have and pretty much failing miserably.

I hope Gibson's ex-wife keeps all this in mind.  There are people who can't be married.  And then there's people who shouldn't be married.  Gibson is near the top of that list.
Tags: hypocrisy
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