Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

One Stop Shopping: Candy Bars? Right There, Next To The Genetic Tests.

Starting today, Walgreens started selling Insight personal genetic testing kits.

Yup, you read that right.  Considering, according to the Matthew Broderick movie, a pregnancy test can determine if an asexual radioactive lizard is about to lay eggs, I can only imagine what this can do!

Supposedly, the Insight test can reveal your genetic risk of Alzheimers, breast cancer, obesity, and other stuff.  Sorry, nothing to reveal stupidity, you'll have to settle for behavioral observations for that one.

Part of the reason I rolls my eyes at pagans who constantly talk about the Necronomicon as a spellbook is I have trouble believing the authenticity of a book mass marketed through Barnes And Noble.  Same principal applies here:  can I really trust the accuracy of a mass marketed genetic test (given the human genome is more complicated than anyone anticipated) from the greeting card aisle?

How many of you saw Amazon Women On The Moon?  There's a great bit (I think it had Roseanna Arquette) where a woman, before going on a date with a guy, starts examining him for all possible diseases he might have.  That wasn't a joke, it was a prophecy.
Tags: science in action
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