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I mentioned a short time ago how angry it made me that people were talking about shooting politicians who backed Obamacare dead.  I said there was no need for us to turn the US into a friggin' banana republic, vote them out.  Run yourself, become the change you want to see.

The people have spoken.

And they said, "Fuckin' A!"

The heads of the parties have been urging voters to remember the years of experience and service of their chosen few.  They are finding this is the wrong thing to remind people of.  Voter discontent in general and Tea Partiers in particular are turning establishment politicians, including some of the big names, into street pizzas.  Waking up this morning and seeing the news headlines makes this antidisestablishmentarian tingle like a prom queen.

Let's take a look at the trail of the dead:

*  Kentucky gave it's support to Rand Paul, the son of Ron Paul, who I stumped for and voted for in the Illinois primaries in 2008.  Runs in the family.

*  Arlen Specter was running for the D's again.  He had union support and White House support.  Obama said he do everything he could to stump for him, and Veep Biden said he's do everything he could.  Well, those two saw the writing on the wall.  Obama was touring an 85 ton electric arc furnace right on the border but not setting foot in the state, and Biden was in Iowa.  When I went to bed, the news media that colluded to get Obama elected was saying Specter was holding off his challenger.  This morning, the truth -- he lost to Joe Sestak, a Representative and outside who had no union or White House support.

*  In Arkansas, Senator Blanche Lincoln was facing a challenge by Bill Halter.  How's he doing?  He didn't win, but he did well enough to force a runoff vote.  So this patient may still live, but she's gonna be hurting for a looooooong time.

* Two weeks ago in Utah, Bob Bennett, one of the R's Senators, gave an impassioned speech about remembering his years of experience and all the great things he's done since joining the Senate in 1992.  Voters remembered his support of the bailouts and work on Obamacare and sent him packing.

*  In Florida, Charlie Christ is a popular R governor who decided he was going to run for the state's open Senate seat.  He has recently announced he is going to run as a third party for the seat.  You know, one of those candidate the D's and R's laugh at as never having a chance.  Because he can't get the support to win his party's nomination for the seat.

D's are scared because they know they've pushed voters too far.  R's are scared because they can't tame the beast.  Remember how ecstatic they were during the votes last November, especially in Massachusetts, where D's were losing and they were winning and how they were gloating that the Legislative Branch was as good as theirs this fall?  The courting of Tea Partiers during the Obamacare vote, only to downplay them (remember the memo and interviews where they said repealing Obamacare is not a priority) is coming back to haunt them.  Mitch McConnell, the R Senate Minority Leader, was asked about what he thinks of the primary results so far.  "Obviously the biggest item around the Hill this week is the oil spill in Louisiana."  In other words, the Establishment has gone to DEFCON RED!  EVERYONE DUCK AND FUCKIN' COVER!

The people should not be afraid of their government.  The government should be afraid of its people.

Oh, are they afraid this morning.
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