Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
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Boom! Boom! Out Go The Lights!

One thing I learned early on was not to tease someone spoiling for a fight.  You won't get the results you intended.

Something got into the water for the state of Arizona.  They passed a law authorizing police to verify the legality of someone (after searching, I find a lot of noise about it being racist and creating a police state, but what I've found is the farthest thing from that.  Basically, if the police have already detained you, for a traffic stop or something, when they ask for your ID, that is when they can check your status.  They can't just walk through the mall and start asking people, they'll be thrown out on their asses if they do.  Basically, they have been authorized to do what Immigration is supposed to be doing).  Obama's AG said he was going to challenge the law, but about a week ago, admitted he hadn't read what he was speaking so vehemently against.  People want to protest anything Arizona related, including the iced tea that is made in New York.

Los Angeles decided to really step things up.  They are engineering a city boycott of Arizona.  Admittedly, they won't lose much, not a lot of Los Angeles business has anything to do with Arizona.

Well, Arizona's decided to play hardball.  25% of LA's power is licensed from Arizona.  If LA goes through with its threatened boycott, Arizona is going to kick out the plug going to LA.  Curious that getting power from somewhere else wasn't part of the boycott plan.  LA is maintaining that LA is part owner of power plants and Arizona has no right to do this.  It's only going to get stranger from here.

I was originally going to call this "Power Play", but a few online news sites, including LA's NBC station, are already using it.
Tags: hypocrisy, just desserts, news

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