Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Mortal Kombat Kontinues...Somewhere Else

As mentioned previously, I have not been enamored with the Mortal Kombat series in a long time.

So now that rumors are circulating that the MK team is considering leaving bankrupt Midway and reforming at another studio, I didn't react with more than a shrug.

Gaming blog Kotaku says the 50+ team members are fried about not being paid bonuses for hitting sales marks for MK vs. DC. Midway actually responded to the blog, more or less confirming their story. "Midway is not refusing to pay out those bonuses. It's the unsecured creditors committee that is refusing to allow us to pay them. They're the ones holding that up." Also, the MK team is angry that they have not been given much to do while other A-list titles from Midway have no trouble getting greenlit and released.

So, it looks like if anyone buys the MK franchise, they won't be getting the dev staff. Well, good. Maybe some studio will reinvest it with the fun, character, and excitement that made me love it so much in the beginning.
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