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On Second Thought, DO Call Us If We Don't Call You

This is going to be the strangest celebration post I've put up here.  Remember how I made contact with the second-in-command editor at Archie Comics at C2E2 and sent him a script from Sound Waves in hopes of getting a gig?

I literally just heard back from him.

He said that Archie wasn't really looking for writers right now, but things change, so please try again later.

Some of you are thinking, "You just got rejected.  Again.  What are you so goddamn happy about?"

Editors dealing with new talent speak a special language.  They aren't out to hurt your feelings, they're just doing their job.  And their job is to find people they can use.  If they can't use you, they give you the standard form letter of "Not looking for anyone at this time."

If you EVER get a rejection slip that either mentions things you can do to improve or just says to keep at it, that is an extremely rare event.

And it means not only are you on the right track, but you're getting close to the station.

I have been told to check with him about possible writing chances at a later date.  Not, "go away, kid, ya bother me."  Try again later.

This qualifies as ASTRONOMICALLY EPIC WIN!1111!!!!

I'm going to buy a shitload of Archie comics and start coming up with a couple of story pitches.  And when I try again in a few months (if for no other reason than to keep my name fresh in his mind), I'm going to run this one down.

I like jambalaya when I'm depressed.  I like hoagies when I'm self-congratulating.

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