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Back To The Old Drawing Board

A few months ago, I had been weighing what my next indie self-published project was going to be.  Head Above Water is in the can, and I wanted to have another comic next year, something to keep my resume diverse as Sound Waves continues on.

Hard Way called me and said they wanted me to stay on as a writer as they reorganized as a self-publisher.  I was thrilled.  I love hanging with these guys, and wasn't ready for the ride to end.  They did get me my first published work, after all.  They also said they wanted to keep Stress Puppy going on their site, another feather in my hat.  They asked me to dev a new project for them and to really run with it.  I could even rewrite the series bible if I wanted.

So I got to work.  I was starting to put things together and came up with a "universe".  I was starting to mull over the first story, breakdowns, and so on, and figuring out how I would incorporate working on Stress Puppy, Sound Waves, Project X, and this series without blowing deadlines or burning out.

Last night, got an e-mail saying to look at the Hard Way site.  I'm guessing the self-publish thing isn't working, because they are reorganizing again.  Not entire sure what plans are.  All I know is this:

1)  Stress Puppy will continue to run there, and will easily reach it's third year anniversary this October.

2)  They still want me as a writer

3)  The projects I have completed and the one I was working on?  Shelved for now.  They swear they will revisit them later (which is good, I think Genotype Prime is my best writing to date), but for now, they are restructuring into more of a studio set-up like in the early days.

So, I'm back to thinking about my self-published stuff (Safe Passage is looking to be my next, probably around fall of next year).  I'm hoping they aren't going to give up and fold the studio -- I mean, this is not the most hopeful sign in the world.  Don't let anyone kid you, it's rough out there.  So, if you were waiting for anything new from me from Hard Way, it's going to take a little longer than originally thought.
Tags: art, comic books, comics, head above water, safe passage, sound waves, stress puppy
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