Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Self Service Indeed!

This is Rosalina Ruiz.

She's 5' in her stocking feet.

She's 115 lbs.

And she attacked a guy attempting to steal her car at a gas station.

Christhian Bonilla, 24, started lurking around a gas station when Ruiz pulled up and started filling up her car.  The guy seemed suspicious to her, so she rolled up her windows and locked the door.

She looked again, and the guy had gotten into her car and was attempting to start it.

After yelling for the police, Rosalina simply opening the passenger door, jumped in, and started swinging.

The guy attempted to grab her keys and her purse, but she wouldn't let go.

The guy found a second set of keys and attempted to start the car.  He put the wrong key in the ignition.

Ruiz is continuing to pound the guy.

Eventually, he took off.

Tags: news
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