Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Power Is An Illusion. STUPIDITY Is Real.

Everyone knows that law enforcement likes to surf the Internet posing as underage kids to try and lure freaks ("pedophile" is wrong. The word translates into "love of children". What these freaks do sure as shit ain't love) into propositioning them so they can arrest them. In fact, random trolls on the Internet, in pursuit of lulz, will often pretend to be federal agents posing as underage kids just to fuck with people.

Well, we have a new member of the Moron Brigade. Juan Alberto Ovalle just got nailed. What makes this so funny is that 1) he narrates a popular version of the Bible in Spanish, and 2) he's a member of Focus On The Family, a conservative religious (some would say fascist) group that, among other things, thinks gays are sickos.

Political hypocrisy...religious hypocrisy...I think we have our EPIC FAIL poster child for the month.
Tags: hypocrisy, i'm such a bitch, just desserts, stupidity, wtf
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