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Twitch And Wreath

As longtime readers know (not to mention those who know me IRL), I am not a fan of Barack Obama.

Now, this actually presents a problem.  There are people who just want to hate Obama who will think I'm one of them.

The reason this is a problem is they will base their hatred on the dumbest bullshit.  People who ask me, "Why don't you like Obama?" I can point to entries on my blog or discuss things in his Illinois political career or whatever.  These other people, though, will say it's because Obama is a Muslim (he's not), he wasn't born in the US (he was), or any other things that have nothing to do with what the man does and everything to do with simple thinking that implies their brains are powered by a watch battery.

(Side note:  during the election, I had a classic moment of smart-assery when the discussion shifted to whether or not Obama and McCain could legally be President, as they were not born in the US itself.

I said to the mod, We've had lots of Presidents who were born in US territories instead of the US itself.

"Name one!"


...aaaaaand I got kicked off the channel for that one.)

Now, I admit to my biases.  When something is simply what I think and I really have no justification other than my feelings, I try (oh, lord, I try) to be upfront about that.  As I attempt to live my life with integrity (it has been said by someone far wiser than I that I hold myself to a higher standard than the rest of the world, and an unreasonably high one at that), that means that, when truth comes along, I have to nod to it, not pretend it doesn't exist because it somehow benefits someone I would rather it not.

This was Memorial Day weekend.  Originally, Memorial Day was supposed to rotate around the week, to the day when supposedly flowers would be in their fullest bloom.  But wouldn't you know, people didn't like a day off falling in the middle of the week and extending a weekend (see also, Fourth Of July, among others), so it was decreed to fall on the last Monday of May.  So we're already doing a disservice to the holiday.

Anyhoo, Obama decided this Memorial Day would be celebrated at a little town in his home state of Illinois instead of Arlington Cemetery.  This made me shocked.  I thought it was disrespectful.  And so did Glenn Beck on Faux News.  Actually, that started my antenna wiggling.  I've already dealt with Beck intentionally lying about the government seizing control of personal computer data through the Cash For Clunkers program.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but if Beck told me the sky was blue, I'd be outside with a color wheel just to make sure.

Turns out I actually had no reason to get on my high horse.  Although infrequent, presidents do periodically skip Arlington on Memorial Day.  George Bush skipped it in 1992, spending the day in Kennebunkport, Maine instead.  In 2007, Shrub stayed in Texas that Memorial Day.  In 1983, Ronald Reagan was at a G-7 summit instead of Arlington.  And I can guarantee that is an incomplete list.

Now, I'm not saying it's wrong to criticize Obama for not being at Arlington.  Just saying that, if you criticize him for it, you MUST criticize others as well.  Don't give some a pass and hammer others just because of what side they are on.  Without integrity, we are nothing.
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