April 30th, 2009


Lethal Reckon....

In Hamlet, Shakespeare posited that conscience makes cowards of us all.

I would add an addendum -- religion makes hypocrites of us all.

It never ceases to amaze me what my fellow Christians will embrace and what they will exclude.  I still remember seeing "The Omega Code," a movie financed by the owner of the Trinity Broadcasting Network.  It was a standard conspiracy flick that hinged on the Bible Code, that connecting the letters and words of the Bible revealed all kinds of prophecies.  Not only was this a strangely New Age-y approach to the Bible (one, I might add, that doesn't survive a moment of close scrutiny), but the movie was full of murders and assassinations.  But people praised it as a Christian movie anyway (I guess the lack of swearing is what put it over the top).

Then you have Mel Gibson.  This guy had a huge following despite some truly questionable behavior.  Supposedly, on the set of "Conspiracy Theory", he sent co-star Julia Roberts a dead rat.  Real hilarious.  When it comes to pranks, this guy is still amateur class.  He's all about showmanship, ignoring the sublime component that makes a good prank a classic.  He starred in a slew of hyperviolent movies from the philosophical (Mad Max) to the crowd-pleasing (the Lethal Weapon series) to alpha male masturbatory junk like Braveheart.  And don't forget the sex scenes in Tequila Sunrise and Lethal Weapon 2.

Then, Gibson decided to make "The Passion Of The Christ", the closest thing to a snuff film you can legally see.  Gibson is a hardline Catholic.  His dad broke away after Vatican II made their revisions (like the Jews didn't kill Jesus).  Gibson not only has a church built onto his mansion where mass is conducted every Sunday (in Latin, no less), but said in an interview a few years ago that he believes his Episcopalian wife is going to Hell because she doesn't follow the One True Religion, his.  But he's a shoe-in.

(Side note:  I think the concept of "divine grace", while wonderful, was one of the worst things the Church ever started to push.  If you read Chick Tracts or other stuff, anyone can be saved and gain eternal salvation as long as they accept Christ in their heart.  While this is hopeful for people who have lead questionable lives, it also means that you can be the most upstanding person in the world, and some asshole who has raped, murdered, whatever, will get into Heaven while you spend eternity in The Fire That Burns But Does Not Consume.  Not only that, but that means that, because of things like excommunication and that, God's judgement doesn't matter, the Church can deny His grace to you.  So even if God thinks you're a great guy, if the Church doesn't like you, they can override God's grace and mercy and still send you to Hell.  If God is all powerful, what gives non-omnipotent humans the right to say, "Sorry, God, you're wrong about this guy?")

Surprisingly, Gibson's tirade against the Jews (and calling a female officer "sugar tits") has served as a flag to rally around.  People say it got out because non-Christians were jealous of the success of Passion Of The Christ and they wanted to pay him back (I have family members who believe this bullshit).  They also believe that Apocalypto bombed because the studio buried it, since Passion was an indie movie that made more than studio flicks and they were jealous (never mind the fact that the movie was the most cliched jungle movie made since the death of the Poverty Row studios).  Gibson is being attacked by a massive conspriacy over his proudly professed religious beliefs.

Well, all you "Saint Mel" nuts, suck on this:

Gibson's wife just filed for divorce.  Divorce is a no-no in ANY Christian denomination (side note:  I accidentally typed that as "demonination", and yes, I just had to share that).  Why is she bailing?  According to the Sun, Gibson has a mistress, a 39-year old Russian woman who he moved into one of his mansions.  There's another oops.  The two of them attended the premiere of Wolverine together this weekend.  Oh, and rumor has it she's pregnant, and that's what made Gibson's wife pull the plug.

So, can we stop canonizing Mel Gibson, please?  If not for the blatant hypocrisy of his hyperviolence selling a religious movie, then for this demonstration that, for a Christian, he seems a little foggy on certain elements of the Ten Commandments.  There are people out there worthy of your respect and admiration.  Find them.  Don't give it to some guy just because he made a movie.