May 11th, 2009

Peter G


Like I need any more excuses to waste time on YouTube.

Banzai, one of my favorite dumb fun shows, is a British creation.  It ran on the USA Network for about a year.  Then FOX tried to import it with a six episode run (I have them all).  I was even lucky enough to trade videos with someone and get two full British episodes.  But the show has never been embraced by Americans, and my only recent exposure to it was the BANZAI DVD game.

Well, Banzai has its own YouTube channel now, with old clips (like the immortal Squirrel Fishing challenge) and new ones (Mr. Shake Hands Man meets Jennifer Love Hewitt).

Oh, it's good to have laughs with an old friend.....

Here Comes The Pride....

Man, I am just enjoying the train wreck that is the gay marriage debate.  Both sides are really getting dirty here.

Let's start with the opponents, the religious right, which is neither (sort of like the Moral Majority in that regard).  The problem for them is they talk about opposing gay marriage as a demonstration of their religious faith.  Supposedly, all good Christians oppose gay marriage.  Needless to say, this is bullshit.  It's what they THINK all good Christians should do, because they secretly suspect that a lot of good Christians, like me, don't oppose gay marriage.

The result is typical religious hypocrisy.  There's this practice in the various churches that faith trumps everything else.  People may be weak and sin, but as long as they are true believers, they are okay and to be forgiven.  As a result, really stupid shows of support are happening.

Let's start with the biggest rallying point, Carrie Prejean, Miss California, whose simple opinion got her embraced by the religious nuts as a person in the public eye who supports their cause.  In making her their new poster child, they are overlooking some very non-Christian things:

1)  She posed for sexy pictures in varying states of undress.  She ain't apologizing for it, neither.  She says doing things like that is all part of the job (and may get her title taken away from her yet).  So overt sexual displays are fine.  Remember when the priest made you wash your eyes with holy water for looking at stuff like that?

2)  She has shifted her stance from personal opinion to editorial statement.  Way to embrace celebrity, kiddo.

3)  Her parents are apparently getting divorced.  What great examples of the sanctity of hetero marriage.

Other defenders of traditional marriage are Marion Barry, former Washington DC mayor and current councilman, who says he has to take a stand for religious decency.  Remember all those scandals he was involved in, as well as divorces?  Nevada is trying to get a law through that will grant civil unions the same legal rights as marriage.  The governor of Nevada, whose been divorced more than once himself, promises to veto it to protect the sanctity of marriage.  What does it tell you about your movement when the people who show the least respect to your ethics are chosen by you to be be your greatest champions?

The bigots are also decending on Iowa to try to get people to amend the state constitution to outlaw gay marriage.  Hopefully, it's too late, though.  In order for Iowa to amend its constitution, whatever amendment is being considered has to be passed by two sitting legislatures.  This pushes the earliest such an amendment can make it on the ballot to 2012 at the earliest (assuming, of course, such a proposal doesn't get stuck in subcommittees, like what Massachuttes is doing with the amendment being jammed down its throat).  Hopefully, by then, people will see that the hyperbole in the anti-gay messages is just hot air and people won't really care.

The gays aren't doing too much better.  Here's a fun fact:  Carrie Prejean's stance on marriage is virtually identical to President Barack Obama.  He says he doesn't believe in gay marriage, wonders if civil unions would be better, but won't inject his opinion or take a stand since he feels it is a state's rights issue.  Yeah, that's working real good so far.  And yet, despite this amazing lip service where he won't campaign for legal equality, gays still look to him as a champion of their rights.  Attention, gays and lesbians -- OBAMA SOLD YOU OUT!  He used you to get elected, and will not deliver on any of his promises to you.  Just because someone is a minority doesn't mean they will help you when they succeed.  This selective forgiveness is just as hypocritical as the right wingers trying to "protect" marriage.

Safer than a rugby scrum and just a little more interesting....

M$ -- Will They Ever Learn?

Well, the initial tests are in for M$ Office 2007's support of ODF.

It doesn't.

ODF's created in Office will only render properly under 2007.  And Office will only render properly ODF's created under Office.  EVERY OTHER  OFFICE PROGRAM THAT USES ODF WILL WORK WITH EACH OTHER'S DOCS!

M$ intentionally blew it.  What's that?  What proof do I have?  A spreadsheet created under ODF on, say, OpenOffice, can have in a cell TODAY().  This command tells the rendering program to read the current date from the system clock and put it in this cell as soon as it opens.  You can't get more direct than that.  You couldn't get this wrong unless you tried.  Office will put the date you create or open the document in the cell, then erase the TODAY() command.  It will also alter formulas in other cells if you created the spreadsheet under another office program.

So my suspicion was correct -- just like their C++ compiler, M$ is intentionally fudging standards just to seem compliant while actually not being it.


Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?

M$ is selling 5, 10, and 30 year debt instruments.

Their purpose and yield is unknown.

These are private, so they don't have to reveal anything.

M$ has shown its first year where it did not surpass the previous year.

Windows 7 is just Fista Redux, and we know how well THAT is going over.

Could M$, with its money losing devisions intended to be loss leaders, be worse off than we realize?

Just asking....

"I'm Here To Kick Ass And Chew Bubble Gum...And I'm All Out Of Funding"

The header is a joke that several people around the Net seized upon at once about Duke Nukem Forever finally being canceled and developer 3D Realms going down in flames.

One guy put up video of his modeling work on YouTube.  While I wish the guy well, it doesn't exactly reinforce the notion of, "They are working on it.  It's not a myth."

Meanwhile, the Duke Nukem Forever List has posted its final epitath for the series.  Among the things that took less time than Duke:

All GTA games have been created and completed.
Final Fantasy 7 on up has been completed.
Max Payne (two games, one movie) and Prey (two games) were developed and released by 3D Realms.
All versions of The Sims.
The European Union has been created.
Every Pixar movie except the original Toy Story.
DVD was created and became the consumer video medium of choice.
The Joss Whedonverse started and redefined TV fantasy.
The Mars rovers were greenlit, designed, and successfully landed on Mars in 2.5 years.
Clinton ended his second term, Shrub got his two terms, and a whole new President was elected.
The Empire State Building took only a year and a half to build.
It took only nine years to create a space program that successfully put men on the moon.
The World Trade Center took only seven years to build.

"I thought you had to do something good to be a celebrity."
"Not if you do it colorfully."
--Major League