June 3rd, 2009


The "Wow!" Ends Soon!

M$ has officially announced when Windows 7 will be coming out.  October 22 is it.  No, no ARM support.  They can't even make Windows work right on a x86, do you really expect them to do a ground-up build for ARM?

And speaking of ARMs, Acer's first netbook powered by Google Android will be out in the third quarter.  There's an electronics show going on, and there's a SHITLOAD of manufacturers showing off Android-powered netbooks.

How Dare You Look Down On Me! I Make Movies!

Mel Gibson is losing it.

Well, okay, he lost it long ago, but the pace has accelerated.

Daily Radar has reported that Gibson, currently in the middle of getting divorced from his faithful wife of 28 years because he knocked up his Russian girlfriend, was at his church this Sunday.  Yes, his church, he had a church built and masses are conducted in Latin there.  It's called Holy Family Chapel in Agoura Hills, CA, but its nicknamed "St. Mel's".  Anyway, it seems a lot of his fellow parishioners have been whispering about Gibson and his actions which don't exactly square with traditional Catholic teachings.  I expect this kind misguided self image from Jenna Jamison, who describes herself as a "good Catholic" despite having an affair on her husband, getting divorced, and having a baby out of wedlock.  But I expect better of someone who is so devote that he makes movies as a testimonial to his faith, builds his own church, uses religion as a bludgeon, and believes his first wife is going to Hell because she is Episcopalian.

Anyway, in front of two visiting priests and a bishop, Gibson got up on the altar at his church and blasted the parishioners.  He threatened them with hellfire and damnation, and also threatened to close the church if they didn't knock it off.  He gave everyone the evil and basically redefined the term "bully pulpit."

Now, for those of you wondering how Gibson might be able to dig his way out of this...I mean, as far as the Church's grace is concerned (if he cared about what people thought, he would have kept it in his pants), and please note this goes with the old Christian stand-by of "the Church's grace == God's Grace," so getting one (especially from an organization known for selling indulgences) is the important thing, here's the beef.  The Catholic church DOES annul marriages, and has stepped up what qualifies as an annulment as they have seen people leaving the fold.  Gibson has a slight problem, though.  Remember, he's part of a renegade Catholic sect that broke with the church over Vatican II.  Normally, the church would not be to anxious to help such an outsider, but this is Gibson, who made Passion Of The Christ and has been lobbied by many religious folks to make a movie about St. Francis Of Asassi.  I smell a possible deal -- I'll make the movie you want to see, and you bail me out of accounting to God for acting like a moron.

Boy, when people don't want to let go of their entitlement.....

So, How's The CloudBook Doing?

Recall how I sold the Cloudbook with a stock Linux configuration to my co-worker.  I was recruited by her to help set up wifi at her house, so I got to peek in on how her husband, who has never used anything but Windows and isn't very tech savvy, is doing with his new toy.

The stock configuration for CrunchBang Linux has a simple black wallpaper with "CrunchBang Linux" on it.  He had the machine on while I was there.  He apparently has figured out how to change the background and listen to streaming audio with it.  He had it open in the living room next to his PS2.  Once I got the wifi enabled, he started looking up video game faq's on it.  So he would play some Wolverine, search for tips to beat the Blob, back and forth.

The Atari emulator?  Because I am not very familiar with OpenBox, I told him he'd have to launch the Atari emulator from the command line.  His wife showed him how the day he got the machine.  He's actually trying other stuff from the command line as well.

He loves the CloudBook and shows it off every chance he gets.  My first rule of gift giving is, "It should NEVER not be cool."  Mission accomplished.  I'm rid of that albatross, and instead of me just smashing it with a hammer (which I nearly did, no joke), it's gone to someone who likes, appreciates, and uses it.

Without Windows.

So, to everyone who says Linux is too tough for the general public, kiss my Polish ass.

War Is Coming....

The Bilski decision, which was supposed to destroy most software patents, hasn't done so.  Software makers are simply claiming their software has to be tied to the hardware, and the patent is valid again.  So, even though the net effect of the Bilski decision is zero, the lawyers sought to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Once again...the Bilski patent covers a method of taking weather into account for futures purchases.  This is what they patented and are shaking people down for.

Well, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal.  In October, the hearings will begin.

I'm scared.  Usually, the Supes don't agree to hear a case they expect to let the ruling stand on, so based on that, it's possible they'll overturn the appeals court decision and make business methods and software patents legal again.  Then again, based on the questions the appeals court asked, maybe they won't.  All bets are off here.

So, one way or another, we're going to get the highest court in the land, from which there is nowhere else to go, determining what happens next.  Both sides are filing their briefs.  Those on Bilski's side are basically arguing the decision threatens their business model.  The FSF, EFF, Red Hat, and others are filing briefs for the other side, aware of what is at stake.

Pray to your personal god that the Justices live up to their names.

Oh, Yeah, I'm A Glutton For Punishment

This year's Chicago ComiCon is going to kill me.

I'm looking at the info for this year (I don't usually look too far ahead), and I see the ticket gets you into the comic convention "and the Video Game Expo".


I can't find any info on what the "expo" will entail.  But part of me wonders if maybe, just maybe, there might be studios looking for game designers.

So now, as the second issue of the comic I'm working on inches towards completion, I'm eying alpha'ing a new game project to try to demonstrate what I can do.

I've been looking over basic designs and ideas that I haven't done anything with yet.  Some of my bigger projects that require a lot of prep work?  Can't use them.  But I do have one design....

I was intending to create a new game in three steps.  I would create three different games, each one testing different elements and how they work, with the third incorporating all the elements of the other two to make it happen.  The first game does not require a lot of prep and will mostly come down to game logic.  So I'm going to focus on that.

Hopefully, this weekend, I finish up the comic.  Next, I start working on my game design for Cloudburst.  I'll post my progress here, but I first need to get some stuff together.  It will be engineered to run in a 8X6 window.  That way, I can put it on Kylie, my IBM S10 sub-notebook.  It has a widescreen display (the scripting engine I use is a little odd dealing with resizing Linux windows), so windowed is best.  It runs at 1.6G, more than fast enough to run Biff's Adventure 2.  Cloudburst, I'm thinking I could possibly make run on Pam, my Compaq Presario 1247 pushing 400Mhz.  Pam, however, is sizable.  Kylie is not.  If I want to demo the game to someone, I need it to run without a hitch on Kylie (a talk with High Voltage nearly went Florida swamp land on me when the computer screen's backlight started failing).

No rest for the weary.  I can't wait for the con to be over so my brain can take a break.