July 14th, 2009


Sine Timore Early Warning Alert!

Hong Kong Phooey is being developed as a live-action film to be released in 2011.

It's being written by Dan Goodman, who is one of the big writers on Family Guy.

The director is Alex Zamm, who directed "Chairman Of The Board" with Carrot Top, and the DTV "Inspector Gadget 2" and "Dr. Doolittle:  Million Dollar Mutts".

We go to DEFCON RED.
Peter G

Subculture Shock

My buddy, mornblade , recently posted a strip from PvP, Scott Kurtz's online comic strip.  In it, a guy seeking to rescue pandas realizes the current panda, the one from the strip's running gags, is actually vicious.  Instead of liberating it, he decides to kill it because, if word got out that what he was saving wasn't cute and cuddly and done for the right reasons, his show and funding would be over.  Mornblade summed up that the guy's last line in that strip, "All life is precious and I'll kill any son of a bitch who tries to stop me from protecting it," sums up the mentality of pro-life abortion groups and PETA members.

What was going to be my simple pontification on that point, complete with a couple of paragraphs typed out in response, quickly escalated.  The way that I write is pretty much the way I talk.  That is, I don't simply speak.  While speaking, I am constantly figuring out what to say and how to say it at that particular moment, sort of like a stream of consciousness going through a checkpoint (or, for the computer literal, an app constantly updating the output stream).  It wasn't long before I started weighing ideas and what all comes together, and I realized I had something that wouldn't fit as a simple reply.  Hence, me putting this here.

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