August 8th, 2009


Visual Basic

I'm cheating here.  I'm still at the ChicagoCon, but I read this and just had to post (hey, Mornblade!  There IS a secure login for LiveJournal!)

For a while, people have been lobbying Google to incorporate Ogg Theora video codecs into Web 2.0.  Google hasn't wanted to, leaving Flash and MPEG as the defaults.  They are swell, don't get me wrong, but they are not open technologies.

Google recently bought up On2, a software company that makes video codecs.

Turns out their codec was the base for Ogg Theora.

If Google decides to open source On2's methods, Ogg Theora is no longer under threat of submarine patents.

This explains why M$ recently signed on to the consortium determining Web 2.0 standards as the video codec issue came up.

As Clow Reed said, "There are no coincidences."