October 6th, 2009

Peter G

Writer's Block: Concert mania

What band are you dying to see live in concert that you've never seen before? Would you travel to a different city or state just to see them?
My favorite music acts are Level 42 and Kylie Minogue.  Mark King and friends live in England, Minogue is from Australia, and I live in America.  Would I travel to see them?  Sure.  The real question is, Can I?  ;-)

Another band I love that I might have a better chance at seeing live is They Might Be Giants.
Peter G

Fever Sure Has Got Me Good, Whatcha Do When Fever Takes Hold?

I have said that, all too frequently, the worst thing that can happen in a revolution is for the revolutionaries to win.  They spend so much time figuring out what they are fighting for and how to fight for it, but they don't spend a moment thinking about what will happen if they actually get the freedom they seek.  They forget that, for every liberty, there is a responsibility.

And so it is with the sexual revolution.  It was won long before the opposition declared defeat (well, what portions of it that are admitting defeat).  You can't stop people from having sex, it feels too good.  However, now that people can do as they wish, everyone is regarding this as "Anything goes".  Guys are brainwashed into thinking that, if they don't have sex at any offer (real or imagined), they are not real men.  Girls are taught the power their sexuality has over guys, but no defensive mechanisms in case the guy turns out to be an abusive piece of shit.  It's all about the fun, not the seriousness.  Given that this is literally a matter of life (babies) and death (AIDS), the lack of instruction is astounding.

Because no one has developed a sense of sexual ethics to go along with their sexual freedom, the result is some stupid hypocrisy.  I've been bashing Roman Polanski and his defenders like Buddy Rich bashed his drums.  And now, David Letterman is getting some defenders.

Okay, you would think that Letterman should be beyond wrath.  He may have been sleazy and maybe a little creepy, but he hasn't done anything really illegal with the revelation of the attempted blackmail for the numerous affairs he had.  And, maybe, just possibly, he has some sort of arrangement with his longtime girlfriend/wife as some couples do.  I don't understand it, but if that's what works for them, fine.  However, I feel completely justified in opening fire on him for his self-serving smugness.  For decades, Letterman has made jokes and taken shots at people whose sex lives don't fall within moral lines, looking down his nose at people for their decadence.  Now, he's revealed to be no better than the people he's made his living and money attacking, and he's calling the kettle black.  From the supposed private bachelor pad at the Ed Sullivan Theater to his cheap shots at Bristol Palin (who doesn't deserve the abuse for being a teen mother.  A sell-out, sure, but not a teen mother) to....

(It also makes Emma Watson's appearance on the Late Show a bit cringe inducing.  Watson has a number of really questionable fan sites dedicated to her.  Letterman interviewed her during the press tour for the last Harry Potter film, and they talked about her graduating and such.  Then Letterman produced a picture of Watson's dress blowing up and a panty shot happening -- this was an accident, unlike the Paris Hiltons and other attention whores.  Watson fielded it with grace, but the idea of Letterman dwelling on that makes my skin crawl.)

Now, the sexual sleight-of-hand that people are employing to try and absolve Roman Polanski of guilt (one guy online told me, "He's been through so much in his life.  Don't judge him until you've imagined yourself in his place."  Let's see -- an entire country and government protecting me from paying for my crimes, awards, riches, a wife and kids, a fulfilling life.  I imagine myself in his place.  I like it) is being employed for Letterman.  There was more outrage at Sarah Palin and her daughter than Letterman.  Chris Rock, Wendy Williams, Sandra Denton (a.k.a. Pepa from rap group Salt 'N Pepa) are among the people praising him for courageously handling a blackmail scandal instead of thinking that maybe he should be reaping what he has sown since he went from Indiana to New York.

I've often said that, when it comes to adult freedoms, some people can be trusted with them, and others should be banned for life.  Driving, drinking, owning guns, voting, and, most importantly, the moral highground to judge people from.  Amazing how a little thing like sex can make it all collapse.
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M$ is attempting to relaunch Windows Mobile.

Why?  Linux is storming the cell phone market.  Samsung has just switched to Open Source, and Verizon is going to offer phones powered by Linux.  Specifically, Google Android Linux.  Google is trying desperately to get Android back on track.  People were ready to buy a Google Android based phone (I hate cell phones, and even I wanted one.  The iPhone can kiss my Polish ass).  But then, we found out that Google's Android may have been Open Source, but it certainly wasn't free.  A developer named Steve Kondik tried to do what just about everyone does with regular Linuxes, make a custom distro, and got a "knock it off" from Google Kondik utilized closed-source applications like Gmail and Google.  Combine that with how slow and buggy Android turned out to be, as well as stuff you make with the Android and Chrome SDK's, according to the license, can only run on Google's stuff, not Linuxes in general, and I'm not entirely convinced they are on our side.  Google may be a big stumper for FOSS, but they still have a way to go.  Keep a close eye on them.

(I also notice Palm is trying to embrace Open Source.  Maybe they should start by making their OS easier to code for.  C++ is tricky enough as it is without all their bullshit thrown in.)

WinMobile 6.5 launched, and it is landing with a splat.  M$ has basically warmed over 6, and there is nothing innovative there to grab the spotlight from the iPhone.  They've been marching in the opposite direction of the iPhone for two years now.  Say what you will about Apple, they know how to make a dynamic user experience, and for that, they earn their success.  M$ is building WinMobile around how they feel the user experience should go instead of actual user feedback, and they are paying dearly.  Steve Ballmer even admitted a few weeks ago that, "We screwed up on Windows Mobile."

Playing catch-up....

A Peek Inside The Health Bill

Apparently, page 48 says that, any insurance you get has to be government approved, or you will be taxed.  You don't pay the tax, the IRS can haul you to court for $25,000 and a year in jail.

There is also indemnity so that, if the insurance company's recommendation for you for actions to take regarding your health result in serious injury or death, the insurance company is not on the hook for it and can't be sued.

Isn't this great?