January 18th, 2010


SWORD Into Plowshares

Marvel launched a new series called SWORD, an X-Men spin-off starring Beast.

The first issue sold about 21K copies.

Keep in mind, comic book series typically experience a drop of at least 50% in sales between issue 1 and 2, as 1 is the collector's item and 2 isn't.

Issue #2 of SWORD last month sold about 18.5K copies.

#3 hasn't appeared in the shops yet.

Marvel just canceled the series.  #5 is the last issue.

If you ever get a gig working comics, here's a little free advice:  don't quit your day job.

And Speaking Of Overkill....

I wasn't real familiar with Deadpool until his infamous defeats (yes, plural) at the hands of Squirrel Girl and his encounters with the Great Lakes Avengers/ X-Men/ Initiative/ Whatever.  So I started reading some of it, and it was pretty lulzy.

Deadpool starts getting one shots and miniseries running concurrently with the revived series.  Doesn't chase me off, I buy it.

Deadpool gets a second monthly series, starring Deadpool and Deadpool's head from the zombie dimension.  Doesn't chase me off, I buy it.

Deadpool gets another monthly book where he teams up with someone from the Marvel Universe each issue.  Doesn't chase me off, I buy it.

Deadpool gets another monthly book, the Deadpool Corps, starring Deadpool and alternate versions of himself like the zombie head, Lady Deadpool, Kid Deadpool, and Deadpool Dog.  Doesn't chase me off, I'll buy it.

Rob Liefeld announces on Twitter that he'll be drawing Deadpool Corps....I'm thinking it over.

You know, this preliminary art makes me feel a lot better about how I draw women.