January 25th, 2010


"The People Should Not Be Afraid Of Their Government. The Government Should Be Afraid Of It's People

Stupid character limits....

Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton became President by basically repeating the same mantra -- "It's the economy, stupid!"  The D's in the party are telling Obama to forget the health care stuff.  The voters are pissed.  Really pissed.  If we fix the economy, maybe they'll love us enough to pass health care reform.

There is also a battle to retire Obama's campaign tactic of blaming Shrub for the problems with the nation today.  That only worked before Obama's plans kicked in.  Now, people can compare Obama and Shrub and realize they are both using the Constitution for toilet paper.  The blank slate isn't blank anymore, and now that people have a baseline to compare it to, they see things aren't actually getting any better.

You can tell Obama has finally gotten off his high horse and is listening.  Today, he announced plans to help the middle class.  Well, what's left of it.  It's no secret that most of the GDP created during the past twenty years have gone to the top 1% of the country.  Look at the jobs out there -- they are either menial just above minimum wage or six figure but you need college degrees you can't afford and social circles you'd never be welcome in to get them.

What's stupid is the economy could turn around in about a year.  It's been done before, and there's only one tiny little thing that needs to be done to make it happen -- cut corporate taxes.  You do that, companies become interested in headquartering in America.  That creates jobs here, which they don't mind paying the wages for, as they are making plenty already.

Instead, all of Congress, D's and R's alike, are trying to rely on ways of doing things without realizing the environment has changed.  If anything, they are expecting the economy to fix itself and everything they've done, like extending unemployment benefits, is just to outlast the storm.  That is, when they aren't hopelessly fucking up the economy.  The "too-big-to-fail" banks now have a tremendous amount of Capitol Hill clout.  If anything, they are more foolhardy now, as they know if they are facing bankruptcy, the government is willing to absorb the debt for them and they can continue.  If this were a poker game, they would be playing with someone else's money.  Not helping is how the Supreme Court struck down part of McCain Fiengold and said that corporations can make unlimited political contributions.  They claim it's a freedom of speech issue.  I have yet, in the 25 plus years I've been following politics, to have someone explain how that is so without reducing me to giggles.

Pay attention, Establishment.  There's a lot more of us now than there were a year ago.  People feel betrayed by your bailouts and bills.  And no sword is bloodier than a idealist who feels his morals have been betrayed....

Park And Ride

It sounds like a conclusion that only the politically funded think tanks covered by Faux News could come up with.  But a researched in California has come up with the hypothesis that parks are actually bad for the environment.  At least, parks in dry-air climates.

Amy Townsend-Small measured how much pollution is created by the equipment that maintains the park and found that it produces ten times as much CO2 as the grass absorbs (the gas engines on leaf blowers and lawn mowers aren't regulated for emissions.  From a green standpoint, you'll make less of a mess if you burn a tire).  Even running the sprinkles is a huge carbon footprint.

When political correctness collides with hard math....
Worms Ready For Battle

The Wrath Of Con

Gareb Shamus has just bought himself another comic convention to fuck up.

Last week, he bought one in Atlanta.  Now, he's bought one in Joisey.  And he's already got one con in Philly and another in New York.  Is he aware that most comic book fans don't have the cash to support 4+ regional shows (those with the cash already go to Heroes Con and San Diego).

This con war with Reid is really getting nuts.  Wizard needs some really good guests.  However, most in the comic industry have already told Wizard to suck mud.  Maggie Thompson, in the current issue of Comic Buyer's Guide, mentions that she hates Wizard cons because she wants to look for comics to add to her collection, not autographs of washed-up has beens.  Keep in mind, CBG has been a no-show at the ChicagoCon the past three years.  Meanwhile, the rumblings I hear about Reid make me nervous about becoming part of their con war army.

So, Wizard has nine cons running across the US and Canada, after downsizing dramatically the last couple of years.  Here's a friendly word to Shamus and his staff -- it's the economy, stupid.