February 1st, 2010


Poke-Con: Gotta Catch 'Em All!

You know that saying, "If Mohammed won't go to the mountain, the mountain can come to Mohammed?"  Well, if you can't go to a Wizard World comic convention, one just might come to you!

Gareb Shamus just bought ANOTHER convention.  He bought the Cincinnati Comic And Anime Expo.

That brings us up to ten Wizard Worlds this year so far.

The guy who ran the Tinley Park con I signed at should have hung tough.  He probably would have been bought out by now.

I can't wait for Wizard World Podunk.  At this rate, you KNOW it's coming.

(NOTE:  I was originally going to say, "I can't wait for Wizard World Berwyn," but only the Chicago heads would have understood that.)
Worms Ready For Battle

GATHER AND WORSHIP AT MY FEET!...Uh, I Mean, Come Meet The Creator Of Stress Puppy And Sound Waves

Well, gang, I'm getting ready to make another public appearance to hawk my wares.

On March 20th, the ChicagoLandz Comic And Toy Show will be held at the Du Page County Fairgrounds in Wheaton.

And I'll have a table there.

I expect to be completely overshadowed...Art Baltizar (Tiny Titans, Patrick The Wolf Boy, and all around swell guy, please buy some of his stuff) is going to be there, as well as Russell Lissau (writer of The 29, the upcoming Shrek comic book, and The Batman Strikes), fantasy artist Connie Persampieri, and Scott Beadererstadt (Troll Lords).

I'm planning my table now.  The con will be happening too soon for me to get copies of Head Above Water #1 ready.  But I will have the following stuff there:

Sound Waves 1-4
Stress Puppy -- The Rise Of Holly graphic novel
Cloudburst, the computer game I made
Lightning Strike, another computer game I made and still have some extra copies of.

I'll also have preview copies of the first issue, maybe two, of Head Above Water so everyone can see what I've been working like a fiend on.  And hopefully, this will turn out better than the Tinley Park show (I can't see how it wouldn't).  http://www.zurkopromotions.com/chicago_comic_con.htm  Catch you there, dudes!