February 10th, 2010

Kermit And Piggy

Peter G's Stupid Fun Time -- Sad Songs Say So Much

There's a meme going around, asking what you pole dancing song would be.

Now, I have never considered pole dancing (why?  Because I'm pear shaped, that's why).  And I don't know what makes a good pole dancing song.

However, I do know what makes a BAD pole dancing song.

I no longer remember where I saw it, but I recall a forum that asked for the worst pole dancing/stripper songs.  Among the ones that made me howl were:

From A Distance ("God is waaaaaaatching uuuuuuuus...")

The theme from Jaws

Anyone else want in?  Name some songs that, if you found out a stripper or pole dancer would be doing their routine to them, you'd run out the door.
Kermit And Piggy

Here's One Political Joke That Can't Get Elected Again

Supposedly, this has been out for a while.  A snapshot of a billboard off a highway.  An Internet meme writ large....

The first reaction, naturally, was, "This looks Shopped." 

So, the question was, does it really exist?


Set your GPS to take you to Minnesota.  Take Highway 35, and just before the town of Wyoming, you'll see it.

Once it was established that the billboard was real, it started spreading around inboxes like gonorrhea through a frat house.  I saw it and I laughed.  Then found out it was real.  Then I laughed even harder.

This has prompted speculation as to who is behind it.  The people who manage the billboard aren't talking, saying whoever is paying for it wants to remain anonymous.  He hinted that some of them might be Obama supporters.  Yeah, if you can't trust someone trying to protect someone's anonymity to not steer you wrong, who can you trust?

Who's behind it?  Who cares?  It's a joke (and no doubt we'll soon see an "answer" billboard that anti-Shrub or pro-Obama or whatever).  If you laugh, fine.  If you are offended, fine.  But let's not treat this as anything more than what it is -- an epic trolling attempt that seems to be working pretty good....