February 17th, 2010


Gotta Collect 'Em All!

I'm looking over the Marvel solicitations for the coming months.

Not only are they soliciting alternate covers for over half their books (and most of those covers are "Deadpool variants."  I like the character, but not that much), but they are soliciting 2nd prints of books they are soliciting first prints of at the exact same time.

It used to be you went back to press if the book sold well and demand was still there.  Now, the second print is technically part of the first print.

I mean, really....
Epic Fail

Right Cross

I gave to the Salvation Army for Haiti earthquake relief.  Others that I know have been giving to the Red Cross.  I told them I refused to support the Red Cross because I don't trust them anymore.

The Miami Herald reported, "For Haiti, the Red Cross has raised more than $250 million and has plans for some $80 million of that so far, said Red Cross spokesman Jonathan Aiken."


It turns out 9/11 was only the tip of the iceberg for the Red Cross making alternate use of money they were supposedly collecting for something else.  Here's an article from the Los Angeles Times in 2005 where they mention some interesting stuff, like how millions were donated to help with the 1989 San Francisco Bay earthquake disaster, but only a fraction of it made it to those involved in relief.

Partners In Health is a charity based out of Boston.  They operated hospitals all over Haiti, staff of about 5,000, 700 of them doctors and nurses.  They raised about $40 mil.  The Red Cross had approximately 15 people in Haiti, mostly giving out malaria vaccines and such.  They have raised over $200 mil so far, and apparently are in no rush to distribute the cash.

...aaaaand I'm done.