March 31st, 2010

Bill Nye

Quantum Red Shift

Oh, I do so love it when I'm right about politics.  It reassures me that my radar is working.  McCain getting thrown under the bus by his own party surprised me, and it shouldn't have.  I should have known it was coming between the lack of stumping by the Republican Party's own version of Pravda (Faux News, in case you haven't guessed) and McCain's choice of Sarah Palin.  I was disappointed in myself and wondered if I was losing my touch.

Well, just as the R's taken away my self-confidence, they giveth back.  The Republican Party is what we astute observers refer to as a "cluster fuck."  The R's are caught between their desire to get a supermajority in Congress and the fear that they'll have to do what the electorate says instead of pushing their agenda.

During the passage of Obamacare, the R's were courting every Tea Party Patriot they could and getting them worked up.  I pointed out how there were plenty of ways to stall or kill the bill, but the R's just weren't doing it.  "Oh, poor us, the D's are just too strong."  That was their chant.  You could tell by how they weren't doing anything.  They didn't even go after Obama's statement that there would be five days to read and debate the bill and there wasn't.  In other words, any dirty trick the R's could themselves use?  Not a peep.

Now, Obamacare has passed, and the R's and their mouthpieces are saying we need to elect a supermajority so they can repeal Obamacare and make everything right again.  People wondered, is this bullshit?  People like me were saying, yeah, it's bullshit.

Here's the proof:  yesterday, Senator John Cornyn of Texas issued a 1,280 word campaign memo to the R's.  The only mention of "repeal" was in the sentence, "46 percent of respondents support a full repeal."  Notice it says nothing about actually repealing Obamacare.  Notice it also says nothing about making it a plank in their campaign platform.  Just pointing out a statistic.

Recent public comments from R's running have focused more on how jobs will be lost, it will hurt the economy, and murder the deficit.  But notice, it's just telling stories, there is no actual solution of any kind, not even repealing Obamacare, in there.

Obama knows full well the R's aren't going to try to repeal Obamacare, and are getting scared of trying for the supermajority.  Obama said of R's threats of repeal, "Go for it."  The R's see the Tea Party Patriots as easy votes, since they can channel their rage against the government.  But that also means that the TPP's would be calling the shots.  The R's aren't interested in being told how to run the country and the citizens' lives, they want to do the telling.  So they are a lot cooler towards the people they were appealing to during the Obamacare vote.

Sarah Palin made a brilliant move by landing a TV show.  Just like Fred Thompson, it gets her face out there and builds her brand.  But because it is a political show unlike Law And Order, she won't be a blank slate.  She's trying to build her following so that, even if the R's try to shaft her like they did McCain, she will have enough numbers from outside the party faithful to run away with it.  Combine that with her stumping at Tea Party events.  Can the R's make her keep quiet, like they did when they got Bristol Palin to change from "Abstinence is hard, and I'm living proof" to "Abstinence is the only answer?"  They have nothing at the moment, Sarah's not asking them for funds yet.  And not only would they likely say no, but they don't have the funds anyway.  The spending of Michael "License To" Steele has left them with lots less than they need.  The higher-ups are more interested in circling the wagons from the info leak than handling the problem.  Contributors are not sure they want such fiscal irresponsibility and their contributions spent on things counter to their interests.  If Palin is planning this right, the R's won't have the money or leverage to force her out of the 2012 Prez race.  Basically, she could hijack the nomination, and there isn't a goddamn thing they can do about it.  They'd be stuck with the face of the party being someone they hate and won't listen to them and is a woman to boot.

And I'm laughing my ass off....

Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows...Or Is It The Other Way Around?

I'm figuring ying_ko_4  will probably put this more in perspective than this Illinois resident on the outside looking in.

Let's turn the Peter G Political Periscope towards St. Francois County in Missouri.  It is represented by House District 107 in the state lege.  It has been covered by Linda Fischer, a Democrat.  She served her first term, and is running for re-election.

There are only two candidates.  Fischer is the D's candidate.  The R's candidate is John Fischer.  They're married.

Last Friday, Linda was apparently granted an order of protection against her husband.  She said on Tuesday that she sought the order for protection from "physical violence."  According to court documents, Linda says John has been confrontational, irrational, and erratic (which explains why he's running for public office, the guy's a natural), demanded she give him her cell phone, and that he "previously and presently (is) using physical assaults as his mode of communication."  "It is unfortunate that as an elected official your private life is potentially a theater for public disclosure," she said. "I trust the voters of St. Francois County will see through the political gimmicks and make the right choice."

John denies the allegations.  He said he has argued with Linda but he has never been physical.  He's offering a polygraph test to prove his innocence.  He says he's running because he thinks the D's are handling the economy, stimulus money, etc. wrong.

I don't know about you, but I'd pay serious money to see what their next Thanksgiving is going to be like....
Rat Celebrates

Stick A Fork In Their Ass, They're Done!

Holy shit and three thunders!

SCO wanted its day in front of jury.  As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

The jury decided today that SCO never got the copyrights for Unix from Novell.

Not only does this blitz their whole lawsuit scheme against Linux, it fast tracks the Laham Act counterclaims of IBM.

I get nervous with jury trials because of how iffy they can be.  But this time, the wheel of justice turned just right.

SCO is now in very deep shit and can no longer wave the undecided trials at anyone.

Bye bye, SCO.  You tried to game the system, and you lost badly.  You won't be missed.