April 27th, 2010

Peter G

Writer's Block: Book based

Is there a book you really loved that was subsequently turned into a movie? Did it live up to your expectations? Why or why not?

Two of them come to mind....

1)  The Hitch-hiker's Guide To The Galaxy.  If it isn't my favorite book of all time, it's damn close.  I wasn't expecting much from the movie, because the book fundamentally has no plot.  Instead, there were inside jokes and such.  The movie seemed more like a convention than a movie, the affection for Adams' work came through, so I still had a good time.

2)  Demi Moore's The Scarlet Letter.  Another favorite book of mine, and I just about went nuts watching the movie.  Talk about missing the point....
Peter G

Another Day, Another Couple Of Reasons To Hate The World

1)  A 31-year old Guatemalan immigrant in NYC tried to stop a man from attacking a woman on the street.  He was stabbed several times.  Crime cameras caught several people ignoring him and the spreading pool of blood underneath him.  No one called for help.  Police and EMT's finally arrived after an hour.  By then, he was dead.

2)  Over in England, Ruby Thomas and Rachel Burke, both 18, beat a gay man to death just because.  They are currently standing trial.

Humanity?  What's that?

Robbing Peter To Pay Paul

Aw, I feel so loved by huge companies that can't wait to stick it to me but survived thanks to my tax dollars.

First, CitiGroup sent out some love to the taxpayers for bailing them out so they didn't go bankrupt.  Annoying, but whatever.  They used the funds, paid them back, and they're afloat again.  Past is past, moving on.

However, I have lots of ire for GM.  GM has taken to the airwaves lately, thanking us for the bailout and bragging that they have repayed their government bailout loans.

Not exactly.

It seems that GM paid back the bailout with the money from another bailout.  The commercials invite people to look at the new GM.  It's still 60% owned by the federal government, 12% owned by the Canadians, still hasn't turned a profit, and is still racking up debt.

I think I like the old GM better.

Here's One Scientific Report That You Can Prove Is Full Of Shit

While everyone is debating global warming climate change and whether or not it is happening, scientists have found something that may help combat it if it's real.

You know the expression, "deeper than whale shit?"  Well, it seems that researchers in Australia found that whale shit actually helps the ocean absorb more carbon dioxide.  The iron rich material is loved by undersea plants who gulp CO2 and turn it into oxygen for us.  According to scientist Steve Nicol, whale shit is 10 million times richer in iron than equivalent sea water (and probably other stuff we really don't want to get into right now).

According to Nicol, the inspiration to research this idea came about during a pub chat among Antarctic scientists in Australia's island state of Tasmania.  Must not have been a sports bar.

I don't really care about the details.  I just want to know who gave them the research grant and how do I submit a request.