May 2nd, 2010


So, Would This Be Vaudeville Or Burlesque?

"Hello, everybody!  Let's look in on our old friend, Petey The Bad Christian.  Hello, Petey!"

Hello, omniscient narrator!

"It looks like your antidisestablishmentarianism is about to provide you with some yux again."

Yes, indeed.  After all, I am a bad Christian.

"So, what is it today?  Is this like the flour in the church pipe organ stunt you pulled over a decade ago?"

No, it's better, because I don't have to worry about being busted for trespassing and vandalism for this one.  I'm simply posting a video made by someone else.

"Should people who take Christianity seriously avoid this video?"

People who take Christianity seriously should avoid my blog completely.  Roll the tape, Johnny!

"Petey, you are a (audience joins in) baaaaaaaaaad Christian!"

Guilty as charged!