May 4th, 2010


Taking A Peek Behind The Curtain

It's always a little surprising to find out what happens in the creative section of the entertainment industry.  People have this idea that they write wonderful scripts and their vision gets made for the edification of the masses.

While most Hollywood people are working shmoes, it's a surprise to find out not only that big names don't always get the go-ahead, but to see what determines which projects they will be allowed to move forward with next and which get put in turnaround.

Animation fans know who Bruce Timm is.  Getting his start on Ralph Bakshi's "New Adventures Of Mighty Mouse", he toiled with Paul Dini on Tiny Toon Adventures for about a year when they got the assignment to create Batman:  The Animated Series.  Dini has since gone on to wild success as a screenwriter in general (Lost) and Timm is heading a number of DC animated projects for Cartoon Network and Warner Bros.

Here's a very interesting interview.  Timm talks about things like scrapped projects (Batgirl:  Year One), sales figures for the Wonder Woman and Green Lantern DTV flicks, and Watchmen being a bomb (which I didn't think it was, but he's got the insider info, not me).