May 7th, 2010


You're Slipping, Peter G. You're Usually Sharper Than This.

Yesterday, I posted about Comedy Central's proposed comedy called "JC" about Jesus Christ living in modern day Noo Yawk and the massive yawn the idea got from me.

Well, my apathy made me miss the big picture.

This is a network that censored South Park's 200th episode because of it being religiously inflammatory.  Given the nighttime slot and the audience they court, this is also going to be inflammatory, just towards fringe-dwelling wingnut Christians instead of fringe-dwelling wingnut Muslims (it was also pointed out the show could potentially still anger radical Muslims, because they still honor Jesus).  I have no doubt CC censored the episode out of fear that people's lives were on the line because of Muslim extremists.  But there are just as many humorless Christians out there.  I should know.  My family and neighborhood are filled with them.

Admittedly, Christians will put up with a lot more humor and satire, but that doesn't change the fundamental hypocrisy of CC's actions.  They are basically saying one religion is okay to make fun of because odds are good they won't be killed for it.  If that's the only consideration, CC, who gave us the movie "The Hebrew Hammer," has no claim to the "edgy" and "irreverent" labels they seek.
Bill Nye

Pain In The Glass

I get an e-mail asking me about my response to the meme and how I said my bottle brewed iced tea HAS to be in a glass bottle.  "What's wrong with plastic bottles?"

Here's the problem, and any Chicago area beer drinker can back me up.  See, about ten years ago, they tested beer in plastic bottles instead of glass at sports stadiums.  The idea is that it would take care of the, "It's a tasty refreshment, and a spontaneous weapon!" angle, as well as a bunch of other bullshit I don't remember anymore.

Here's the problem -- plastic will leak some of its chemicals into drinks.  Now, if you have something overpowering, like Pepsi, there are so many other flavors and they are so dominant, you don't notice.  But subtler flavors, you will notice.  It becomes worse if the drink is acidic.  Since I insist on lemon flavored teas, the plastic bottles give the tea a "yuck" dimension I really can do without.  Not only can beer drinkers back me up, but so can wine aficionados who've run across certain box wines.  Those box wines would be a lot more acceptable if it didn't come in a plastic bag inside that box.

So that is the reason for the glass bottles.  They don't corrupt the flavor of the drink.  They have one other advantage, in that the mouth of the bottle is wider.  CHUG CHUG CHUG!

Ghost Rider

His name was David Morales Colón, a 22 year old man in Puerto Rico who was an avid motorcycle rider.  He was murdered in San Juan.  His family had to take care of the three-day wake.  Oftentimes, funerals are a chance to make a statement in dedication to the memory of the family's loved one.  They did.  When mourners showed up at the funeral parlor, instead of a body in a casket, they saw this.

Yes, that is his bike, a Honda CBR600 F4, a gift from his uncle.  And that's Colon on it.  Very "Masters Of Menace."  I think I might have given mornblade  another idea or two....