May 24th, 2010

Peter G

Wizard World...A Parade Of Stars...Sort Of....

I check in on the Wizard World Chicago site, wondering what changes I'll see.

The guy who played Raj on What's Happening will be there.  As will the guy who played Boom Boom on Welcome Back, Kotter.  Richard Roundtree, Shaft himself, will be there (technically comic related, as he was in the Shaquille O'Neal wipeout Steel).  Marilyn Ghigliotti, from the movie Clerks, will be there.  William Shatner is now only there for Saturday.  James Marsters will be there.  Linda Hamilton, from the Terminator (as well as the guy who played Kyle Reese) and the amazing Beauty And The Beast will be there.

Hey, Linda Blair will be there!  B movie fans, represent!

Patrick Stewart will be at the Philly WW con in a few weeks, but no word on Chicago yet.

Still no The Bruce.  Still no Helen Slater.  And still no Peter G.  At least, in a professional capacity.  ;-)