June 17th, 2010


Let The "Black Water" Jokes Begin

On the one hand, you have BP claiming that they want to do right with the oil spill and clean it up and stop the leak and get their lives back and saying wanting their lives back is being taken out of context...

And then they pull shit like this.

Scott Walker is a reporter for New Orleans' 6WDSU news.  He was heading for one of the PUBLIC beaches to interview cleanup workers when he got intercepted by a private security company called Talon Security hired by BP to keep the public away.

Yup.  BP has apparently hired mercs.  The link includes links to YouTube vids and other nifty shit, including the reminder that this isn't the first time BP has hired private security like this.

Oil's well that ends well, right?  Not this time.

Suffering For Her Art

I recall reading years ago that Sarah Michelle Gellar's stunt double on Buffy The Vampire Slayer had trouble keeping her weight down to match the star, and was nearly hospitalized for a resulting botched stunt.

I bring this up because Megan Fox is trying to grab some headlines for the Jonah Hex movie opening tomorrow.  Not only is she coincidentally getting engaged this week, but she is talking about her costume.  She plays a prostitute in the movie, spending most of it in a corset.

The corset was only 18 inches.

Folks, I don't care how skinny you like your women, that is just plain wrong.