July 5th, 2010

Moe Cowbell

To The Left, To The Right, Step It Up, Step It Up, It's All Right

I have scored a partial list of what songs will be on the Rock Band 3 set list.  This is not complete, obviously, just the twenty-three that have been leaked so far.

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TL;DR -- As Aaron in Reel Big Fish points out, EVERYONE LOOOOOOVES THE CURE!!!  Hopefully this means a Cure set list will be coming.  The keyboards were always my favorite part of Just Like Heaven.

His name is Dioooo...Ronnie James Diooooooo....

More songs I've never heard of and can't wait to try.  One of the things I love about rhythm games is exposing me to bands and songs I'd never heard of or tried before.

Power Of Love?  Okay.  From a drum perspective, I would rather have Couple Days Off, the driving pounding rhythm being one of my favorites (although my favorites by them are Small World (Second Half, the jazzy portion) and Heart And Soul).  It's too early to tell, but hopefully we continue to avoid Touch Me Babe (shoulda seen Break On Through coming).

The game only matches notes and meter, so I could potentially sing I Love Rocky Road and get away with it.

I've been WAITING for Been Caught Stealing.

Can't go wrong with Queen.  Especially as Bohemian Rhapsody is my fav by them.  Gonna need to practice so I can do the Wayne's World headbang before the outro while still playing keyboards or drums.  Still waiting on that special rumored Queen edition (come on, we get Green Day but not Queen?).

With a bit of luck, we won't have a retracking of The Final Countdown just to incorporate the keyboard.  Always hated that song.

How about some more ska?  At the very least, they can add more two-tone to it!  Or how about Jerk It Out by the Ceasars?  And, seeing as how it is primarily keyboards, Bang Me Drum All Day?