July 19th, 2010


Life Is What Happens While You're Making Other Plans

Wizard World Chicago was plugging their guest list for this year, including CB Cebulski.  Cebulski took over their new talent program, but did such an ace job that he got promoted.  He still pops up in that capacity from time to time.

I was going to try locating him this year and ask him some questions.  Everything I've heard about Cebulski is that he is a swell guy, great to talk with, and very excited about helping people get their big breaks.  I figured, if anyone could give me advice to avoid Marvel's slush pile, it would be him.

Today, Cebulski got promoted to Senior Vice President at Marvel.

Don't get me wrong, he works hard and is a nice person, I'm glad he's getting ahead.  I just think that my quest to learn a little more about navigating the Marvel minefield just got a little bit of a detour.....
Rat Celebrates


My mom has expressed confusion over Mel Gibson.  "What happened that made him so crazy?"

I told her my theory, he was always a douche, he just hid it really well.

Folks, it appears Gibson has given up on trying to rehab his image.  He has just sold Old Mill Farm, the mock Tudor just outside New York.  He sold it for about $25 mil.  Doesn't seem like much until you drill down through the numbers -- the selling price is about $15 mil less than its actual market value.

His home in Malibu, Lavender Hill Farm, is also for sale.  $15 mil, and it's all yours.

Looks like he's leaving the country.  Now we're going to hear about how we Americans keep dumping our trash abroad.

There is a downside -- Gibson's ex Robyn, the one he dumped so he could marry his knocked up mistress and berated as going to Hell because she doesn't worship the almighty subset of Catholicism that he does, is defending Gibson from the allegations of domestic assault.

Please tell me she's just looking for some press and is not trying to white knight him.  If she's white knighting him, I'm worried she might reunite with him in a show of support.  NO ONE deserves an abusive intolerant asshole as a spouse.  No one.

Reading, Writing, And...Wait, Red Pencil Time

I'm a very annoyed Illinois resident right now.  The election is bad enough.  We have two candidates, one who preaches about responsible spending while hiking fees and taxes like crazy, and another who wants to outlaw abortion and have Creationism taught as hard science in schools.  Quinn, the current gov, is already fighting for his political life and instead of actually doing things to cut government spending, is making really stupid choices.

The Illinois State Board of Education has decided to eliminate the writing exam given to students in grades three, five, six and eight for the 2010-11 school year.

And these people are responsible for our kids' education!

There was already a bill introduced to do it earlier this year, but it died on the vine.  Just goes to show you, you want something done, don't rely on Congress, fed or state.

11th graders still get the test, as some colleges still require them.  Citing the kids' difficulty in getting good and consistent scores, they expect the move will save the state $3.5 mil this year.

I would like to point out that if Springfield chucked their M$ licenses for Windoze and Office and went with open source alternatives like Linux and OpenOffice or AbiWord, they could save $200-300 mil every year!  Not just one year, every year!  Not a peep about that, instead they are trying to save $3.5 mil by not bothering to teach kids.

The Illinois lottery was supposed to help fund the schools.  Less than 10% is actually going to the schools.  But the state capitol has some really nice carpeting.  Sounds like the education has already begun.
Peter G

Hey, b briarwood! Watcha Doin' Mid-August?

During our days playing Pokemon against each other, b_briarwood  mentioned that she was into Trek, and Brent Spiner in particular.  She had a cassette of his called "Old Yellow Eyes Is Back" and basically squee'd over the guy.  Since then, she's become a Ringer.

I'm about to regress her.

Wizard World Chicago is going Trek.  Brent Spiner is going to be there, signing autographs and stuff.

When I say they are going Trek, I'm not kidding.  The list includes:

William Shatner
Patrick Stewart
Brent Spiner
Avery Brooks (I'm actually more interested in his Spencer:  For Hire days)
Walter Koenig (it is really weird hearing him on B5 without the accent)
John de Lancie (from Legend and Days Of Our Lives)
Daniel Stewart
Bobby Clark (the Gorn captain)
Natalija Nogulich
John Savage
Malachi Throne

Still no The Bruce.  Still no Helen Slater.

No Soap

I'm just about to go to bed when a commercial comes on.

"Did you know your soap pump could be harboring bacteria?  Now, there's this new no-hands soap pump!  Never touch a dirty soap pump again!"

You know, the only time you touch it is before you receive the soap.  Any bacteria you pick up from touching the soap dispenser is going to be washed off anyway, because you are washing up AFTER touching it.  It doesn't make any difference.

But you just know there's going to be people who think this makes sense and will pay the extra for it.

Why does the most successful business model have to be taking advantage of other people's insecurities?