August 2nd, 2010

Bill Nye

Mystery Guests -- The Answers Revealed!

Okay, I think everyone that wanted to play has played.  So, here's the answers to the ten memorable characters.

1)  Abby from NCIS.  She has supplanted Gilly from Dork Tower as my favorite goth.  Bright, intelligent, clever, and funny.  I went with the back shot because people could still identify her but it was a little less obvious than a head shot.

2)  Arle Nadja, the magic user from the Puyo Pop game series, my favorite puzzle game.  Confident and capable.  And Amite can eat a bag of dicks.

3)  Bugs Bunny.  'Nuff said.

4)  Sailor Jupiter.  Admittedly, this is a little more swank than she is supposed to be.  If you really pay attention to the anime, her clothes are very practical and there is not a lot of variety, especially compared to the others.  But I've always liked how she was strong without going tsundere.

5)  Adrian Monk.  One of the greatest crime fiction creations ever.  There has to be a balance -- the detective has to be sharp enough, you can believe they'll solve the crime.  But make them too smart, and they'll solve it before the story gets rolling.  Monk balances this by using his awareness as a double-edged sword.  He has an astonishing array of phobias (he claims approximately 312), and they hold him back.  Monk can be funny, but you don't laugh at him for being a loser, you laugh with him in sympathy, that he is so hemmed in by the very thing that makes him so formidable.

6)  Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion.  I HATED NGE.  But somehow, the character of Asuka resonated with me.  At first, I thought she was an arrogant asshole.  But as the series progressed, she became a profoundly tragic figure to me and the one I sympathized with most.  Of all the characters who met horrible ends, hers' was the only one that really hit me.

7)  Harry Dresden from The Dresden Files.  One part Harry Potter, one part Jim Rockford.  Dresden is a regular guy who happens to be a wizard doing his damnedest to keep darkness at bay.  Changes depressed me because I thought it was over.  Jim Butcher says it's actually only the halfway point.  Man, what is going to happen to him next?

8)  Kinomoto Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura, probably my favorite anime and, along with Sailor Moon, the reason shoujo is my favorite anime genre.  I'll take Honey And Clover over Death Note any day.  CCS is also the only anime that I paid $30 a disc for and felt it was worth every penny when it was done.

9)  Athena Asamiya from King Of Fighters.  Athena is bright, bubbly, and confident.  So what is she doing in a fighting tournament?  She's running interference for her boyfriend, who only thinks he can fight.  The idea is, if he faces her, she can defeat him without killing him.  She has an advantage -- she just happens to be a direct descendant of the goddess Athena.  A great fun character.  You can tell a lot about game players by whether they choose Athena or Mai Shiranui.  Very different characters, very different depictions.

10)  Brisco County Jr., a great underrated TV show starring The Man Himself, Bruce Campbell.  Total cool.

Oh, So THAT'S What's Going On....

The other day, I wondered why the lawsuits of the states against Obamacare weren't going anywhere while lawsuits about Arizona's immigration law seemed to be moving at warp speed.

Turns out, the federal government filed a request to dismiss the lawsuits.  So that had to be heard first.

Today, U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson denied the request in the case of the lawsuit filed by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.  Note this isn't the one that has nine states behind it.  This also doesn't mean Obamacare is about to get gutted on Constitutional terms.  It just means the judge feels the AG has raised points that should be decided in a court of law.  It doesn't indicate he thinks one side or another is right.  Please keep that in mind.

I am very interested in how the AG will lay out his case.  And I wonder if this means the other suits will get their day in court soon, as well.

And We'll Have Fun Fun Fun 'Till Our Daddy Takes The T-Bird Away

M$ is trying to copy Apple again.  They have been opening M$ stores with laptops, phones with WinCE, Zunes, and so on.  The currently open stores are in Mission Viejo, Calif., Scottsdale, Ariz., Lone Tree, Colo., and the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, with plans to open more stores in Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn., and at Bellevue Square near Seattle.  (Hmmm...not opening one in Oregon?  I wonder why....)

M$ has announced they are going to open one of their Micro$oft stores in Oak Brook, Illinois.  You my backyard.

Okay...I leave Rob Liefeld alone.  I don't bug Peter David.  I treat people who don't agree with me with respect and understanding.

But I'm going there in my Tux The Linux Penguin shirt and I'm doin' it for the lulz!