August 23rd, 2010

Hitch-hiker's Guide

Off From Seeing The Wizard World ComiCon

Whew!  That's over with!

With today, Wizard World Chicago 2010 is in the bag.  I crashed last night, and just got up a little while ago.

Whoa!  This is a long entry!  You type fast!  Well, yes, I do, but I cheated in this case.  I was typing up thoughts and ideas as I went around the show floor on Kylie.  I definitely need to get a hi-cap battery for her, his 2.5 hours doesn't cut it when I'm really on the move (they make fives, and if you go aftermarket, eights).

So, what does a fully charged MP3 player, a wallet full of twenties, and a smart ass attitude get you?  Hold on to your wigs and keys, and join me for another run through the trenches....

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