August 28th, 2010

Peter G

Plans For Today

Apparently, today has been declared Read Comics In Public Day.  In an effort to change society's notion that comics are for losers, you are encouraged to read a comic in public.

As an act of civil defiance, doesn't exactly conjure up majestic visions, does it?

I read comics in public all the time, from my Pearls Before Swine collections to the funny pages to web comics to actual comic books -- I enjoy grabbing my new comics and hitting a fast food joint.

Well, if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing.  I will not just read comics in public today, but since I have to hit the comic shop, I'm going to take my art supplies.


Oh, wait.  I've already done that.  And the staff of one particular restaurant thinks Stress Puppy is a hoot.

Man, there is just no pleasing random thoughts on the Internet.

It's Got Chicken Leeeeeeeeeeeeegs....

You know, it used to be only women's fashion got the really stupid designs.  Well, guys, here's your chance to catch up.

These shoes are not cosplay, they are actually available from Adidas in England.  They're designed by Jeremy Scott, whoever that is (Raff is a comic strip character, not a self-insert.  He's an anglophile, I'm not), and they'll set you back a cool 135 pounds ($172.29).  At least Air Jordans are cool, you can say you spent a ton on those shoes and some people will understand and appreciate it.  I think these will be a tougher sell.

If they ever update the mascot for FTD Flowers, here you go.

I'll pass.  They're a little too odd for me.  And I draw mermaids, for Christ's sake!