December 16th, 2010

Epic Fail

But Enough About Me, What Do YOU Think Of Me?

One of the running gags in Stress Puppy is the unrepentant contempt Holly feels for certain computer users (or "lusers", as it's known in parlance).  People will join message boards and forums hoping to interact with fellow heads about whatever it is they dig.

We turn the Sine Timore Periscope to the Super Hero Figurine Forum.  This is where people gather to discuss, say, the lead and resin figurines of DC and Marvel comic book heroes.  You have to keep in mind just about all boards of this type have a secret moderators-only board where those running the site can talk business.

SHFF's isn't so secret.

It shows up on the Google cache.

Among the highlights:

Mailbombing people they don't like with gay pr0n.

"Accidentally" deleting accounts they don't like.

Insulting some members.

(There's a post reflecting the names, ID's, etc. of certain forum members, but I'm not linking to it to respect the privacy of those users.  Too much collateral damage.)

I can only imagine the anime fans before I bailed on them.
Peter G

Sine Timore Early Warning System: The Anti-Dan Slott Campaign

It started about a week ago, when a poster on a comic book forum called Dan Slott a hack and that he was only writing Spider-Man for the paycheck.

Slott is a lifelong Spider fan and told the poster to go fuck himself.

Since then, things are starting to escalate, with people on the Internet trying to frame him as a stalker and an asshole.

From what I can gather, Slott is a genuinely good guy, so these are clearly people who are out to get him.  So I'm posting this as a general alert -- if you see someone really talking smack about Slott in the near future, it's someone with an axe to grind, take it with a grain of salt.  Please don't be part of this.

Whose Afraid Of Open Source? Not DC Comics

For some reason, companies are afraid to embrace open source and free software.  Whatever the reason, that's up to them.  As a result, Comixology has comic reader apps for the iPhone and Android, but DC and Marvel and them only make their comics available on the iPhone.

Today, an announcement from DC.  They've had fans demanding being able to read comics on the Android.  Although he didn't say "Because you demanded it!" (although it would have fit), DC will now release their stuff on the Android.

Tip o' the hat time.
Epic Fail

Is There Something In The Water At The Post Office?

I do a lot chronicling the stupidity that runs rampant in my home state of Illinois.  If you're wondering where it comes from, it could be trickling down from our neighbors to the north.

In Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, a 52 year old mail carrier told a woman on his route that he would deliver mail to her office completely naked to make her smile.  She dared him to do it.

On Dec. 4, he showed up totally nude to deliver her mail.

The police arrested him days later for lewd and lascivious behavior.  According to the Journal Sentinel, the man said delivering the mail naked was "a stupid thing to do."

Ya think?
Woody Can't Take It

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

I am cruel.  I am unforgiving.  There is a spinning ball of dirt and ice where my heart should be.  And with good reason.  I hate when people who are celebrities get special treatment that normal people would never get.  Love and adoration, all because they are famous.  Take a look at Charlie Sheen.  Had a woman done what he did...had most any other celebrity done that, their career would have been over.  But thanks to the character he plays on Two And A Half Men (which I maintain is the most chauvinist, insulting to women show to ever make it on the air), he's still the highest paid actor on TV and the show has not taken a hit in the ratings.  Somewhere, Ginger Lynn Allen is spitting nails.

Today's example?  Ron Mexico Michael Vick, the man who, when he was playing for Atlanta, was quoted as saying, "I have two weapons -- my legs, my arm, and my brains."  Study your math, kids!  Key to the universe!  This guy did all sorts of stupid shit.  In 2005, Sonya Elliott filed a lawsuit claiming Vick gave her herpes.  In 2006, he flipped off the entire New Orleans stadium after a loss to the Saints.  And leave us not forget the infamous Bad Newz Kennels.  You can do all kinds of mean things, but the instant you hurt a dog, suddenly, the populous at large is out for your head (people were protesting The Dark Knight where, early in the movie, Batman fights attack dogs.  You know, those things trained to eat your face.  It was mean for him to fight them, he shouldn't have done that.  So they were cool with all the people the Joker killed or attempted to kill, but hurting a dog?  Ooooooo!).

Vick got the thumb from the Falcons for it.  People like me thought his career was over.

Boy, were we wrong.

Vick landed with the Philadelphia Eagles.  His team voted him to receive the Ed Block Courage Award.  If you aren't familiar with the award, it's for people who do great deeds to help those in need, showing true compassion and humanity.  Vick played football for a year and had a successful season after spending time in jail for running a dogfight ring.  What does that have to do with courage?  Fuck you, that's what.  That was insulting enough.  The fact that sportswriters and fan are willing to overlook his faults because he's helping the team win is insulting.  I firmly believe that some things just don't get forgiven.  You can earn forgiveness, sure, but it is earned, not just given.  And the praise being heaped on Vick for being a great football player makes me despair for humanity.

Now, comes this stupidity....

Michael Vick wants a dog.

He says it will help him with his rehabilitation.

"I think just to have a pet in my household and to show people that I genuinely care, and my love and my passion for animals; I think it would be outstanding. If I ever have the opportunity again I will never take it for granted. I miss having a dog right now. I wish I could. My daughters miss having one, and that’s the hardest thing: telling them that we can’t have one because of my actions."  Uh, yeah, that's how the law works, dipshit!

"This entire situation has changed my life dramatically. Better player, better person.  More patience, more persistence, and the willingness to, like I said earlier, set high goals and high standards not only on the football field but in life.  And in so many ways I thank God for changing my life and keeping me healthy and putting me on the path to where I can redeem myself and make a great comeback."

There's an upcoming Hannah Singer story where Hannah and St. Michael are watching a football game.  A player scores an easy touchdown and promptly thanks God for letting him succeed.  Michael nearly hits him with a lightning bolt.  Guess what I was thinking while reading that last sentence?
Kill It With Fire

A Michael Vick Character Witness Steps Forward

When Michael Vick's little dogfighting enterprise collapsed like a wet taco, there were 54 pit bulls at Bad Newz Kennels.

Fifty.  Four.  Of what is considered the most American of breed (pit bulls were used in a lot of United States artwork around WWII, for example).  I've known people with pit bulls.  Raised properly, they are loyal and friendly and even tempered and protective and loving and great pets.  Fifty four turned into monsters by Michael Vick's inhumanity.

In the days afterwards, the Humane Society Of The United States begged for funds to help the poor dogs, then wanted to euthanize all of them.  Wayne Pacelle is the president and chief executive of HSUS, and he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "I have been around him [Vick] a lot, and feel confident that he would do a good job as a pet owner."  And lest you think I'm just trying to stir up trouble, Pacelle also wrote a nice long piece defending the idea of Vick, currently a spokesperson for the HSUS, having a dog on his blog.

Just last week, Vick was speaking to a group of school kids about taking care of pets “with all your heart," he stated that, if it weren't for his arrest, "Honestly … Yeah, I’d probably still be doing it."

I can't think of a better person to have a dog.  What's next?  Roman Polanski babysits your kids?