January 10th, 2011


Democracy Is The Freedom To Say What You Think, Even If You Don't Think

Just a little bit ago, I showed the post from TJIC about shooting politicians and their staffers being okay (pssst...there's a lot more than 435 of those, genius) as long as they don't hurt any civilians (and as mongrelheart  points out, these people he's endorsing killing have families that care for and worry about them).  Now, if he was making a joke, his timing couldn't have been worse.  I personally suspect it wasn't EXACTLY a joke.  I mean, yeah, it looked like a joke and all, but I detected an undercurrent that something like this could be acceptable in his mind if he agreed with the politics of the shooter and disagreed with the politics of the target.  Which means, potentially, someone could shoot him for political reasons but by his own logic, it's perfectly okay, right?

TJIC started feeling heat.  Some posters were calling him a monster.  Other posters were saying they supported his post.  Folks, some of those support posts?  If I had those kinds of people supporting me, I'd be reaching for the .50 caliber aspirin.  Like mentalities gravitate towards each other, so if you find yourself being approved of by assholes, guess what that means.

Well, TJIC has decided to "clarify" his stance.  In a post entitled "a longer explanation of my politics" (longer?  You ain't kidding, buster), he attempts to set the record straight.  Maybe.  Sort of.  Folks, you will never complain about how long my posts are after trying to swim through all that.  At least I don't bury my points and I communicate more than my self-importance.

Unfortunately, all the explanation does is reaffirm what an asshole he is.  There's no, "Maybe it was too soon for me to write a post titled what it was and saying what it did."  Nope, he just wraps his douchery up in a philosophical screed about what it means to be an American.  There's no humanism to his post, just validation of him saying what he wants when he wants and other people need to cope with it.

Now, don't get me wrong -- there is something to be said for speaking your mind.  However, there is the question of appropriateness of his timing.  It's not a question of political correctness, it's a question of having a heart.  And ultimately, his post defends his right to not have one.

I hate non-apologies.  It's where people say something to make others think they are apologizing, but in reality, they are putting the blame on the people who reacted.  "I'm sorry you were offended."  The problem isn't the apologist, it's the person they honked off.

The irony is that TJIC brags about his right to do and say what he wants without compromise or apology, and yet he posts something to try to make those criticizing him understand his points better.  In other words, others cannot say what they want without compromise or apology unless he thinks they have fully considered his points.  And he knows they haven't considered his points because if they did, they wouldn't be criticizing him.

It's kind of shocking to find out he runs a comic book shop.  He's a natural for public office.

Man, They Cross Over More Than John Edwards

(Yes, I know John Edwards is a fake, but I needed the joke.)

Dynamite has announced ANOTHER Army Of Darkness crossover.

This one will be a joint venture between them and IDW.  It's AoD meets Danger Girl.

(Quick note:  I will not buy this.  Period.  Dynamite licensed AoD from Universal, not Raimi and The Bruce and them.  The Bruce gets no cut from sales.  He will sign any comic book except anything by Dynamite.  And if you think I'm just repeating rumors, ask him.  He will tell anyone and then will tell them to tell everyone they know.  Out of respect for him, I don't buy AoD books.)

I'm not sure how this will work.  Stylistically, it's going to be a mess.  AoD is very gothic and intended to be monstrous.  Danger Girl is about women with fantastic bodies (and, apparently, gravity-defying tits) playing secret agent.  Given how the artwork presents its subjects, I don't think you could come up with a more disconcerting blend of art styles if you got me to draw my chibi characters along side King Kirby's....


...you know, I just had an idea for some fun.

Dynamite seems to be crossing AoD over with just about anyone they can.  So, ITT, I want you to come up something AoD can cross over with.  You can do this seriously, or you can do it for the lulz.  I'll get us started.

1)  Army Of Darkness meets The Dresden Files.  Oh, this is too good.

2)  Army Of Darkness meets Ghostbusters.

3)  Army Of Darkness meets Deadpool.  Because he's just about friggin' everywhere.

4)  Army Of Darkness meets Thor.  Because he's starting to be just about friggin' everywhere.

5)  Army Of Darkness meets Tron.  See #3.

6)  Army Of Darkness meets KISS.

7)  Army Of Darkness In Space.  Because no franchise is completely milked dry until it goes into space.

Who's next?