January 15th, 2011


Is There A Doctor In The House?

Okay, let me make sure I'm following this correctly.

David Tennant played the 10th Doctor on Doctor Who.

Tennant is engaged to Georgina Moffett, who is the daughter of Peter Davidson.

Peter Davidson played the 5th Doctor.  Who met the 10th Doctor.

Georgina Moffett played Jenny, the Doctor's daughter.

Georgina Moffett is pregnant.

Oh, lord, the slash fics....

Cover Me!

Next week sees the release of X-Men  #7.

It will have nine different variant covers.

Nine.  Covers.

I would like to point out that this means there are more variant covers than actual issues of the comic book.

I have been hesitant to do multiple covers of Sound Waves unless I can come up with something to make it worthwhile (the two variants to date are the parody of the tragic death comic cover and a goof on all the Deadpool variant covers on #4 and #5, respectively).  After all, the interiors are still the same.

Maybe I should just make a book with nothing but variant covers and no actual story.

My regular readers probably won't go for it, but apparently regular comic fans will.  Could be my biggest selling single issue!