April 10th, 2011


Movie Trailers Always Make Me Feel Disappointed In The Final Product

Okay, first, a quick lesson for you non-Hollywood types, and then I'll get to my concern....

The trailer pictured here on the right has the name "Star Wagons" clearly branded on the back.  This is what is known in the industry as a "honey wagon".  When a movie does a location shoot of any kind, these things are brought in for everyone to stay in, like dorms on wheels.  (Side note:  if you are looking to work in movies, here's an option.  The people who transport the honey wagons even sometimes get their names in the end credits thanks to union rules.)

This (obviously unauthorized) picture was taken in Los Angeles.  According to the call sheet, they are shooting a movie called Frostbite.  However, Frostbite doesn't have any data on it.  Which means it isn't a blockbuster.  Which means you wouldn't have tents concealing the action from everybody, they'd just be shooting out in the open because, Who gives a shit?

Therefore, the name is fake.  It is to throw off prying eyes.

The first clue as to what the movie really is comes from the period costumes everyone in the shot is wearing.  A little digging on the photographer's part, and he found out what movie is really shooting there.

Captain America

And this is the part that worries me.

The first Fantastic Four movie was shooting extremely late.  In fact, according to industry insiders, they were still editing the film and putting the prints to send to theaters together a week before its opening weekend.  Fox had people working around the clock to get it done and get it out.

And we all know how THAT movie turned out.

Same thing with X-Men Origins:  Wolverine.  Everyone was brought in for reshoots a couple of months before the movie's release.

And we all know how THAT movie turned out.

If they are not only shooting this late, but maybe doing retakes, I have a very bad feeling about the Captain America movie....
Peter G

They Don't See Me Rollin', I'm Hatin'

Ah, springtime in the rural Midwest.  A quick check of the temperature indicates that it is presently 75 degrees outside.

And everything in my surrounding environment affirms this is true.  The birds are singing.  People are walking their pets.  Fitness nuts are jogging and riding bikes.  The skate rats have returned to the ramps.  I can hear the popping sounds coming from the skeet shooter blinds....

...oh, yeah.  And people are riding their motorcycles.

And so it is time for my now customary request to those on my f-list and those who read this on the feeds and such.  With warmer weather, that means an increase in motorcycle riders.  Motorcycle riders are in a far more fragile position than those of us who prefer our cages.  A car is specifically engineered to keep the occupant safe using a variety of physics-oriented designs.  Motorcycle riders have no such protection.  They are naked and completely exposed to threats on the road.  I didn't mention it in my report because I honestly didn't want to dwell on it, but on my way to the Wizard World convention last year, there was an SUV on the side of the road.  A short distance behind him was a bike on it's side, and an unconscious rider on the ground.  The woman who was presumably a passenger in the SUV (the guy was standing with the driver's door open and him between it and the vehicle itself, apparently calling 911) was just staring at the figure and looking ready to freak out.  At least, I'm hoping the rider was just unconscious.

So, please, as you go around, keep in mind that motorcycle riding season is upon us.  We've all seen the people with crotch rockets weaving around traffic and acting like they are stars in a Hollywood action movie.  Don't judge all riders because of that.  Your average motorcycle rider is not some show off or some extra from the Hell's Angels or Sons Of Anarchy.  They are just regular people who enjoy riding their bikes.  Any adult freedom carries increased risk, and their freedom is risky enough.  Please watch out for motorcycles.  I give them a couple of extra car lengths when I'm behind them or passing them.  Watch your blind spots closely.  Help them enjoy their lives just like you enjoy yours.
Red Riding Hood

Introducing Red Riding Hood

I'm getting ready to meet with my teacher.  Last night, we were talking, and I'm telling her about some different stuff.  The conversation drifts around to Milk And Cookies, a superhero duo who appeared in Marvel's What The -- ?! comic series.

"By the way," she asks, "what ever happened to the Little Red Riding Hood idea you were working on?"

...I forgot about that.  I haven't thought of it in, like, a year.

"Maybe you should look into something with that.  I'm mean, it's going to be a while before you have anything else new."

So, yesterday and this morning, I did some concept art.  I'll show them to her while I'm hanging with her today.

For the rest of you?  I'll fill you in on more details later.  Some of you, unlike me, cannot handle utility grade cute.  So to that I say, Gentlemen...don your goggles.

Meet Red Riding Hood.