April 24th, 2011

Kermit And Piggy

Happy Oyster!

I got sent this bad joke, so don't blame me for this one....

You notice how the Bible talks about Jesus.  But it only sort of talks about Jesus.  It tells us about his birth and then about his ministry, but nothing in between.  We don't know how he grew up or anything.  It's just...

2)  ???????
Peter G

New York Is Being Ruined By Out Of Towners

People talk about little gifts for Easter, like a basket of goodies or something.  Just a little something to show that you are thinking of them.  So, I am going to ask all the comic book fans who read my ramblings to play along and become Christian for just a few minutes, for the duration of this post and any comments you wish to make, for I have a little gift for you.

So, remember a short time ago, I put up that post showing that they were still filming scenes for Captain America.  Yesterday, in Times Square, people got to see more of the movie being shot.  In the great tradition of me showing people who were shooting the shoot like for Wonder Woman, here ya go, the master shot for the scene....

Now, notice the last video is titled that they are shooting the last scene of the movie.  I think it is, and not the "stinger" they've been putting at the end of Hulk, Iron Man, etc.  I've already seen the stinger for Thor.  It features one of the characters from the movie (I'm guessing a guy who works with Natalie Portman's character) being taken to see Nick Fury.  Fury opens a case and inside is a gleaming cube (the Tesseract for regular audiences or the Cosmic Cube for us comic book nuts).  The guy is standing by a mirror.  His reflection shows Loki standing next to him, telling him what to say.  And scene.

If you watch the shoot, you'll also see Agent Caulson in there, along with some fed-looking types and the vehicles SHIELD drives thanks to the product placement deal government contract bid.  Safe guess -- this is after Steve Rogers wakes up in modern times and is invited to lead the Avengers (Caulson shows him his shield at one point).  That seems a little too much (defrosting, escaping wherever he was, SHIELD running him down) for just a stinger, which is a short quick gasp, not an entire plot set up.  Although, I have to say --  Steve Rogers looks a little scrawny in this scene.  Some super soldier.

I'm kind of curious if Nick Fury will appear in the movie also during the WWII time that it takes place in.  Iron Man 2 has already hinted that Fury is older than he looks (in the comics, in fact, this is well established).  It would explain why Rogers isn't reacting with complete apprehension and suspicion in the middle of massive culture shock.

I hope this is the end of shooting.  The movie's release is getting closer and closer.  (Frankly, I'm more interested in that than Thor.)
Enchanting Mermaid

For The Doctor Who Nuts....

...if there can be two Doctors running around, why can't there be two Riversongs?

...wait, was that the proto-TARDIS from The Lodger?

...could it be a younger version of Riversong in the space suit?

...Amy drinking wine.  Wait...what?

...did anyone else notice that part with the pair of feet at the top of the stairs?  Check your Tivo -- it's the scene where Amy and River are talking about how they can't reach the Doctor.  Rory comes down the stairs, if you look in the upper left of the frame, you'll see them stop.  Given how I noticed the set design of last year's first episode was full of time paradoxes, I can't shake that this wasn't intentional.  (The Doctor again?  I called that last year during the angel episode, after all).

...is Riversong another Doctor like his "daughter?"  Or is Riversong actually a future Amy?

He's About To Find Out What Brown Will Do To Him

There's an old Polish proverb that says, "No sword is bloodier than an idealist who feels his morals have been betrayed."

Last week, I wrote about Louis Marinelli, a guy who started a FAILbook page defending straight marriage who had a change of heart, a change of stance, and DELETED FUCKING EVERYTHING, leaving the 290,000 followers wondering what happened.

Brian Brown is the president of the National Organization for Marriage, which the page eventually morphed into.  He says that Marinell has violated a confidentiality agreement he signed and is threatening to sue him.

If I had to bet money, I don't think this is going to go anywhere.  Technically, the Facebook page was Marinelli's.  It was his initially, and he let it be branded with NOM's logo.  He didn't reveal any secrets, he just deleted his own page, which he has the right to do.  More to the point, there's nothing to stop Brown or someone else from starting another page and everyone just migrating to it.

I also have a little question for Brown.  Everyone knows you are getting desperate.  California twice has tried to ban gay marriage.  The first time, there was a clear majority that favored banning when the law was struck down as unConstitutional.  The second time, you only had a slim margin believing gay marriage was wrong when the state constitution was amended, and the amendment only passed because of the massive influx of cash and footsoldiers from Utah.  That is a dramatic amount of change in public opinion in such a short time.  And today, a poll was released that shows that a slim majority of Americans supports same sex marriage.  You are running out of time to enshrine your intolerance.

So here's my question --

Why would you want someone in your organization that people can point to and use to undermine your organization?  Do you really want to win so personal a war at the risk of your dying agenda?
Bill Nye

The Class Yell For The School Of Life Is, "OUCH!"

No one's talking.

It's just compounding the problem.

Emma Watson from the Harry Potter movies has been attending Brown University, an Ivy League school in Rhode Island.

She's quitting.

No one's saying why.  All they are saying is why she's not leaving.  They are saying she wasn't bullied out of school.

Yeah.  Right.  I sure believe that.

I love all the talk about, "Oh, we must stop bullying," but no one does jack shit to stop it.  I was picked on my whole school career until I started fighting back.  Bottom line -- the establishment that I was supposed to turn to for relief and justice did NOTHING.  I had to do it myself.  And I didn't want to.  I liked not having to face down trouble, but I forced myself to just so I could have some peace.

Not everybody has that in them.

Not everybody has a fast mind or strong muscles or an iron will.  These people need protection, and all they get is a bunch of people saying, "Oh, if you just tell your teacher or your principal or whoever, they'll stop whoever is bothering you."  Bullshit.  One teacher even told me that what I was being put through was just boys being boys, it's part of becoming a man.  (Was I born antiestablishment, or was I made antiestablishment?  Answers on a postcard, please, to....)  Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.  And I'll bet you a dollar to a doughnut hole these people saying this were never bullied themselves, or they'd know that pat bullshit doesn't work.

In order for bullying to occur, you need two things -- 1) someone looking for someone to dominate and 2) someone who can be dominated.  Watson is in an odd position.  Millions of little girls around the world look up to her as Hermione Granger.  But within Ivy League schools, which already try to establish they are separate from the regular world, Watson is an easy target.  We've seen her grown up before our eyes, so the pictures of the frizzy-haired girl aren't hidden in a scrapbook, they are at every video rental store in America.  She's been in awkward situations captured by the press, like David Letterman's creepy old man routine during her last appearance.  She may be glam now, but she wasn't.  And let me tell you -- EVERYONE is insecure about their appearance, and its even worse when you are growing up.

Also, she is Emma Watson.  Remember all the criticism heaped on Daniel Radcliffe when he starred in Equis because if featured him nude?  If Watson tries fighting back, they will probably have a field day with the child icon who acts like Russell Crowe on a bender.  Even if she doesn't lash out, the rumors and stories can be spun that way.

No one is saying for sure that Watson was bullied.  But having been there, I think she was.  And it only proves it doesn't matter if you are successful.  It doesn't matter if you're beautiful.  It doesn't matter if you're rich.  Some people, the only use they have for others is if they can exploit them.

I hope you find friendlier turf, Watson.  Be strong.
This Makes Me Moist

For The Guy Who Wants To Pour Himself A Stiff One

BrewDogs is a brewery in Scotland that makes India Pale Ale.  They are making a test run of forty bottles of Royal Virility Performance, a beer made with Viagra.

Yes, you read that right.

Clearly intending to cover all the bases, the beer is also made with horny goat weed, chocolate, and other aphrodisiacs.  Three bottles is equal to one Viagra pill.  I guess this is one way of dealing with how alcohol desensitizes the body to sex.  The label features phrases like "Celebrate Big Willy style!" and "Arise Big Willy!"  Those of you who use beer cozies so no one sees you are drinking Pabst or Pearl are probably not going to want people to see you drinking this one.

BrewDogs has sent some to Prince William for his honeymoon night.  "No sex for us, thanks.  We're British."  I am actually curious if it would work.

Yes, I am looking at the header I chose for this post.  Yes, I'm wondering if there might be something seriously wrong with me.