May 1st, 2011

Peter G

Who Are You Watching

I'll respond to commenters and post stuff in a little bit after I've had my morning tea and gotten up to speed, but this is just to get some Doctor Who thoughts out there.

1)  No.  I don't think the baby is Amy and Rory's.  And I don't think it's the Doctor and Riversong's either.  Moffat is NOT that obvious.  He's misleading us, whoever the baby is, it's neither of those two.  I'm thinking it might be another Doctor along the lines of Jenny.  After all, someone needs to pilot that protoTARDIS....

2)  Davros said the Doctor turns people into weapons, doing the work he refuses to do.  Between his petulance and what happened tonight, I'm starting to wonder if the Doctor is the good guy we've assumed he is from the 60's on.  Maybe that's why there are two Doctors running around.  My teacher has told me that, with my intelligence and determination, the only one that can stop me from accomplishing whatever I want is me.  Maybe this is a literal interpretation of that -- the Doctor is trying to stop himself from becoming what he hates most -- another Master.  Riversong said one day, the Doctor won't know her.  Uh-oh....

3)  Further proof Moffat is up to something -- Riversong was in the episode "Silence In The Library".  And now we have Silents running around all over.  I knew I should have bought the DVD's, then I could go back to them and start digging.  When it was stated, Silence Will Fall, is Riversong Silence?  And her fall is kiling the best man she ever knew?

4)  The kiss -- the Doctor is a very naughty boy.  Oh, lord, the slash fics....

Next week we get Doctor Who, pirates, and Neil Gaiman all wrapped up in a tortillo shell.  I'm wondering if I'll be able to hang with Mornblade since he'll probably want to watch this episode in Real Time and hit Geek Nirvanna.  (Substitute pirates with mermaids and I'd have the same reaction.)
Worms Ready For Battle

GATHER AND WORSHIP AT MY FEET! I the creator of Hannah Singer and Sound Waves June 4

Yes!  I can make this official!

June 4 is going to be the Kankakee Fantasy Con at the Kankanee Public Library at 201 East Merchant Street from 10AM to 5PM.

And I'm gonna have a table!

This was actually really difficult.  The KPL was looking to put on a show, apparently they did a local author's show every year, but interest was dropping.  They tried this new angle, and booked up all the tables.  I really wanted in on this.  My biggest strength is appealing to people who don't usually read comic books.  Sound Waves has the biggest impact with regular readers.  Not only that, but this is at a library.  People here LOVE to read and LOVE to talk about books.  Selling even a few copies of Hannah Singer, Celestial Advocate there could really help spread the word.  I contacted them, and they explained that the show was already looking to be a hit, and they might do another in a couple of years.  That grated against the infamous Peter G Impatience -- I don't want to wait two years, I want to start spreading the word about my stuff now.  They said they would start a waiting list, and I was the first person on it.  If anyone dropped, I was in.  That was about a month ago.

Well, turns out, one of the convention organizers, Tony Hubert, the founder of the Illinois Paranormal Society, is going to let me have his table.  I just have to keep his flyers and business cards out, and he'll be there once in a while, but for the most part, he's going to be running panels and roaming the floor, and he's letting me commandeer his table.  Rock star!

So, what can you expect if you come to the humble Polish manga-ka's table?  I'm going to be focusing on Sound Waves and Hannah Singer.  I'm out of copies of Head Above Water and the Stress Puppy GN, and I'm not sure I can get more from the printer in time.  So there'll be Sound Waves 1-7 and the Christmas special (#8 kicks off a two-parter, so I'm not going to bother with that at the moment).  And, of course, copies of Hannah Singer, Celestial Advocate ready to go.  I might also bring my Cloudburst and Lightning Strike games, just for shits and giggles.  Dammit, why didn't I get at least a couple of those Sound Waves beach towels made up?

If you don't want to see me, maybe you'll want to see some other people.  At the moment, the guest list is really high caliber.  Tim Seeley!  Franchesco!  Gene Ha!  Stephen Bryant!  Rafael Nieves!  Moonstone Comics!  Amazing Fantasy!  Josh Blaylock!  Un-be-fucking-leivable!  Trust me, you may not want to meet me, but you're going to want to meet them!  (Although, this will be the first convention I can think of where I won't be running into Russel Lissau since I first bumped into him at DuPage last year.  That's going to take some getting used to.)

So come by!  Say hi!  Buy my crap!  All proceeds go to the Peter G Home For Hot Strippers!  See you there!