May 13th, 2011

Sound Waves DUH

Department Of Corrections -- The Wonder Woman Pilot

1)  The Wonder Woman pilot from David E. Kelley with Adrianne Palicki in a latex bustier and jeggings was for NBC, not Fox.

2)  NBC has not picked it up, they have passed on the series, not picked it up as I initially reported.

Peter G regrets the errors, and would like to point out that he owned up to his error and made a specific blog post, he didn't do like the newspapers do and run the correction under the pollen report.  I think I at least deserve props for that.

Watch for the pilot to be burned off sometime this summer.  Kelley reportedly wanted the pilot, if picked up, shown without commercials.  That likely won't happen now.  So that's 18 minutes of material gone (whether that's a bad thing from a story continuity perspective or a good thing given the script's abysmal reputation, I don't know).  The full cut will probably turn up on the torrents shortly after it runs on TV.
Rat Celebrates

Wow! This Automatically Makes The Next Transformers Movie Better!

Oh, lord, I hated Transformers 2.  If you want my thoughts on it, here's mine, and here's Mornblade's opinion (I'm listing mine first because, primo, I saw the movie and reviewed it before he did, and secundo, this is my blog, motherfucker).  While there was much to hate, one of the worst things was "the twins," a pair of Autobots named Skids and Mudflap who were all hip and street and urban, yo.  I really hate how modern movies depict black people as unable to string together more than three words without streeting things up (the remake of The Fog is a particularly egregious example of this).  The constant stupid behavior, the lingo, can someone explain to me why a robot has a gold tooth?, and other things made me grind my teeth when they appeared on screen.

Director Michael Bay defended the characters.  "We're just putting more personality in. I don't know if it's stereotypes -- they are robots, by the way. These are the voice actors. This is kind of the direction they were taking the characters and we went with it."

Well, a question popped up on the Michael Bay fan message boards (yes, I said "Michael Bay fan".  I know.  I was shocked, too).  And Bay has confirmed that these two dipshits won't be in the third Transformers movie coming out this summer.

Never thought I'd see the day I'd have glowing praise for Michael Bay, but there you go.

For This, We Need To Call In Our Crack Team Of Trained Solipsists!

I've written before about Josh Blaylock.  Blaylock was the head of Chicago-based Devil's Due Publishing, a comic book company that ran Drafted, Hack/Slash, G.I. Joe, Family Guy, and Ninja Town.  Blaylock fell majorly behind on paying the talent (Tim Seeley is the guy who did Hack/Slash.  It was creator-owned, and when he jumped to Image, that pretty much nailed DDP's coffin shut.  Both Blaylock and Seeley are going to be at the Kankakee Fantasy Con.  I hope my table is waaaaaaaaay away from those two, I can't imagine the results being pretty).  Blaylock took to the Internet, attacking Diamond for basically killing off his company with lost product, delayed product, high product other words, pretty much every complaint every shoestring publisher Diamond carried had just before they went under, although those of us in the trenches were shocked to hear it happened to a higher player.

I've also written about Checker Publishing.  Run by Mark Thompson, Checker specialized in reprints of stuff like Supreme, Steve Canyon, and Star Trek.  Checker also felt they were getting jerked around by Diamond and pulled their stuff from their catalogs and was talking all kinds of interesting shit.

There are a few different competing e-comic formats and distributors, such as Comixology.  Diamond decided to start its own digital distribution initiative recently for comic shops to sell to fans (why bother?).  IIRC, DC is allied with Diamond, Marvel has it's own model (yeah, that worked out real good when they bought Toy Biz and that one comic distribution company).  Now, here comes Blaylock and Thompson, teaming up to form Devils Due Digital – A Checker Digital Company.  According to the announcement email, they have control over a “substantial amount of successful digital content".  And they are looking for more.  Their goal?  To go head to head with Diamond Digital and put them in their place.  Well, they didn't say that, but let's face it, who in their right mind would think anything else?

Stay tuned....
Epic Fail

Please, For The Love Of God, Tell Me This Is Going To Be Appealed

I think the time has come.

I think it is time for the US to secede from Indiana, declare war on it, and nuke it into oblivion.

Indiana has always been an...interesting state.  In 1897, the Indiana state leg attempted to legislate the value of pi (read it, and despair).  Their way of determining what time zone they were in and whether or not to observe Daylight Savings Time was a nightmare until recently.  If there is any state that proves the central tenet of Asylumism, that Earth was a planet where an advanced alien raced dumped all their mentally incompetent and insane people, Indiana is it.

You want proof that Friday the 13th is really unlucky?  The Indiana Supreme Court has ruled that residents have no right to resist illegal entry by the police.

"We believe ... a right to resist an unlawful police entry into a home is against public policy and is incompatible with modern Fourth Amendment jurisprudence," wrote Justice Steven David for the 3-2 majority, completely ignoring it was one of the reasons America rebelled against England in the first place. "We also find that allowing resistance unnecessarily escalates the level of violence and therefore the risk of injuries to all parties involved without preventing the arrest."  David also wrote that anything that happens as a result of an unlawful entry isn't the end of the world, as they can still be released on bail and there are plenty of opportunities through the court system to clear himself and make things right.  I don't know whether to laugh or throw up at that statement.

Justice Robert Rucker and Justice Brent Dickson were the two justices who dissented because of a little thing called the 4th Amendment.  "In my view the majority sweeps with far too broad a brush by essentially telling Indiana citizens that government agents may now enter their homes illegally -- that is, without the necessity of a warrant, consent or exigent circumstances.  I disagree."

Lest you think this is just some brain fart by the justices and not the gradual corruption of an American state into a police state, this past Tuesday, the court ruled that an officer with a search warrant could just enter someone's house if they felt it was justified, they didn't need to knock and alert those inside first (entering without knocking required a judge's permission).

It's not everyday politics in Illinois looks good in comparison.